Super Mario 64 on the Game Boy - Game Boy De-Make (Super Mario 8) -

Super Mario 64 on the Game Boy – Game Boy De-Make (Super Mario 8)

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Welcome to our latest Game Boy De-Make! This time, we re-imagine what Super Mario 64 might have looked like it it released on the original Game Boy!

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  1. If this was real I'd spend a lot of money on it

  2. I like that the name Super Mario 8 has a double meaning since the gameboy is an 8 bit console but also how Mario 64 is technically the 8th mainline mario game.

  3. awesome. that must have been a lot of work. would have been easier to actually make it a playable demo instead of animating everything by hand 😀

  4. For the full experience, turn your brightness down almost all the way.

  5. So you can't make Pokemon Studium on the Game Boy do you?How about Super Mario Sunshine on the Game Boy Advance?

  6. Can you make Pokemon Stadium on the Game Boy?

  7. What’s even better is that this WOULD have been the 8th 2-D Mario game.

  8. Were did you download his game or is not a game

  9. This is so perfect and exactly what I was hoping for when the screen cap was posted as a teaser!!! 😍

  10. This is so whacky! What’s next, Mario 64 on the DS!? Love it.

  11. There is a 2d Mario 64 fan game called Super Mario 63.

  12. Why put in all this effort when you could've just compressed and pixelated Super Mario 64 footage and call it "Super Mario 64 on the GameBoy"?

  13. The 8-bit sounds replicating the music from my childhood sounds so good. I love it

  14. I feel like the graphics are still too good for a gameboy game but it looks really nice

  15. Peashooter BlockPea's PVZ 13th Anniversary says:

    Super mario 64 ds on the game boy Luigi,wario,yoshi

  16. That Toad when you first enter the castle sure is rude.

  17. This was a great game… and the 3D N64 remake was even better!

  18. Camera Lakitu's job would be pretty easy in this version.

  19. Even this looks too advanced for gameboy, look how round and detailed chomp is

  20. When King Bob-omb is damaged, is that the damage sound effect for Metroids in Metroid II?

  21. If other “3D” Mario Games were also released on portable consoles:
    -Sunshine: GBA
    -Galaxy and Galaxy 2: DS
    -3D World: 3DS

  22. This Is Too Clean To Be On A Game Boy. But It Looks Pretty Cool And Nice!

  23. Gameboy advanced should be super Mario 63! It fits perfectly 👌

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