Super Mario 64 on the Game Boy - Game Boy De-Make (Super Mario 8) -

Super Mario 64 on the Game Boy – Game Boy De-Make (Super Mario 8)

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Welcome to our latest Game Boy De-Make! This time, we re-imagine what Super Mario 64 might have looked like it it released on the original Game Boy!

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  1. Super Mario 8 sounds like a bootleg name.

  2. This makes me think of the game boy bootlegs that put a high number at the end of a games name and may or may not be good

  3. Ever noticed that he rarely shows what happens when the player's health gets to a low point?

  4. sadly Nintendo didn't release super smash Bros, Super Mario 64 and others in GBA version on 2000's.

  5. Where is a download link? I need this right now.

  6. i want you create super mario 8 for gameboy and converting in the 3ds

  7. I would have sunk so many hours on this game if it were on my GameBoy.

  8. This uses Super Mario Land 2 Sound Effects. And Super Mario 64 uses unique sound effects, instead of Super Mario Land 2. You need to remake this SM64 demake on Game Boy.

  9. Nintnedo Wire, you need to remake this project on Game Boy, because the mistake is that Super Mario 8 uses the 8-bit Super Mario 64 Sound Effects, instead of recycled sounds from Super Mario Land 2 and Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3!

  10. You may want to do super Mario 16 and you have to do it on the game boy advance

  11. Nice edit keep up the good work buddy ol pal

  12. A 3D Mario game on the gameboy is wholly possible.

    Firstly, Mario 64 on the original gameboy would most likely been called Super Mario 64GB in Japan and then be part of the Super Mario Land series or just Super Mario 64 in the west.

    Secondly, the gameboy is much more powerful than what most people think. (just take a look at faceball 2000 and X which were official games) Meaning modeled isometric stages would have been done with 2d sprites.

    Next, the castle would have probably been an SMW or SML2 styled world map with set paths that would appear when Mario gets enough stars.

    The metal and vanish caps would probably stay the same but the wing cap would probably control more like the rabbit ears from SML2 and stages would have been worked around it.

    Finally the boss fights would have probably been watered down to SMB style touch the axe or jump on me 3 times stages to compensate for an isometric view

  13. We want it on Gameboy cartridge and download game

  14. Super Mario 8 tem como pra Baixar o Game (em português: Jogo) Rom do Game Boy

  15. Is this more of this? I would love to see more of this 0/

  16. The physics look weird but man… I would play the shit out of a real demake. Years ago I looked for a Zelda 3 rom hack that transforms it into Link's Awakening and vice versa. Unfortunately nothing this kind exists yet. I would do it myself but I don't know shit about rom hacking and I'm full of wip-projects 😀

  17. Why not make Super Mario 8 a top-down action platformer like Link's Awakening?

  18. Awesome 🕹️💚
    I love this kind of art,
    It's just an vídeo for entetainment but sometimes one (we) found some real jewels like "Smash Bros " 8-bits Demake thanks to keeping doing this and inspirating new developers to recreate. new remakes

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