Street Fighter Game Boy Ports | Punching Weight [SSFF] -

Street Fighter Game Boy Ports | Punching Weight [SSFF]

Stop Skeletons From Fighting
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With Evo around the corner, it’s time to finally talk fighting games! And who better than Street Fighter? Four different Street Fighter games appeared on various Nintendo Game Boy systems and we are going to take them all on!

Games featured: Street Fighter 2 (GB), Street Fighter Alpha Warriors Dreams (GBC) Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival (GBA), Street Fighter Alpha 3 (GBA) #stopskeletons #streetfighter

• Written by Derek Alexander & Grace Kramer
• Shot by Grace Kramer
• Edited by Gabe Philbin & Derek Alexander

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Special thanks to Gabe Philbin for helping with the edit

Artwork and Bumper by the always incredible Clockwork Pixel,

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  1. Every time people do the sponsor video crap I have to roll my eyes. I'm also a YouTuber named to do it all for free or out of my own pocket.

  2. Awesome video, glad I stumbled on it! SF for OG GB wasn't published by Capcom, which is why it doesn't appear on their platinum list. Nintendo published it themselves.

  3. Street Fighter 2 for gameboy was the first game i played in my life

  4. I like the GBC version Street Fighter Alpha way more than the original GB crap

  5. "Ryu feels empty! And very upset!"
    Like okay game I'm 6 dont put that existential shit in my game

  6. When mentioning awesome gamebiy fighting games, how did king of fighters 95 not come up?

  7. The more I watch your videos, the less I like Capcom.

  8. A light kick here, a fierce punch there. Here a kick, there a kick; everywhere a kick, kick…

  9. It looks like I have a gba advance game to play. Ecks vs Sever Thanks for letting me know about it.

  10. The first Street Fighter 2 port was the first game i ever got on my GB, and i still play it to this day! It's one of my favorites

  11. 18 Wheeler Voice – Love me a dollar shave

  12. I can remember spending £25 of my birthday money of the Gameboy version of streetfighter 2, it was terrible

  13. Why is the channel called Stop Skeletons From Fighting? I think there's a story there.

  14. Street fighter 2 was the first game i ever bought for the original Game Boy. I had a lot of fun with it and never had any problems pulling out moves.

  15. Please cover Street Fighter Alpha 2's SNES port.

    Oh, and also I think it's cool that Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival's music is Game Boy-like. It stands out in my opinion.

  16. SF 2 for the Game Boy does have character specific endings. You have to play it on the higher difficulty levels.

  17. Street Fighter II sold well on everything; I'm not at all surprised it sold a lot of units (whether or not it was a million). I bet a lot of people actually liked it too, because it was the only way to play Street Fighter II on the go, unless maybe you had an expensive TurboExpress and adapter for Japanese games (or a PC Engine GT).

    And you don't have to use the hold method in Super Turbo Revival. Using L/R in the button menu lets you change to a double input like Alpha 3 uses if you prefer that. Anyway, hearing that about Crawfish is a bit of a disappointment, as the GBA version of SFA3 is wonderful.

  18. Ballistic was better than the first. Technically might be a port. There were supposed to be console versions. The console announcement is how I found out about the movie.


  20. Speaking of cancelled games advertised on other games… Dragon Warrior IV for the PS1

  21. I was the one with a SNES, two controllers, the Super Game Boy and Street Fighter 2 for Game Boy.

  22. Did you even know, that you CAN play as Akuma, Dan and Bison in street fighter alpha gbc?

  23. I love this video! Thanks from a Street Fighter enthusiast and a handheld gaming enthusiast!

  24. Now I really want a Crawfish Interactive shirt. MAKE IT HAPPEN, INTERNET!!! 🦞 👕

  25. Ive watched another of your videos and your a doppelganger of someone i know accept you is american

  26. You just committed the ultimate sin calling tiger electronic games good

  27. With Turbo Revival’s gameplay footage, idk if it’s the emulator you’re using or if it is the game itself, but there’s some slight but noticeable screen tearing.

  28. but dollar shave club – DS club – nintendo DS, now you HAVE to talk about Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition on the Nintendo 3DS

  29. My friend matt and i used to play on super game boy and he had all the other versions we were just huge dorks as kids

  30. 12:50 Wait… THAT’S what happened to Crawfish? Damn, they didn’t deserve to go out like that. Crawfish’s games, at least the ones I played, were high caliber. It’s a shame it was because of a poorly timed deadline that the company went under.

  31. It's worth noting that not only does Super Turbo Revival glitch up when you access the hidden Shin Akuma boss fight, it also breaks your save data. It's one of the few truly game-breaking bugs in a fighting game, and the only one I can think of that you can get without purposefully doing it – just play well, get perfects, don't lose a fight, and your save data gets corrupted when you get to the end of the game.

  32. are you going to reviewing puzzle fighter gba

  33. they put world tour mode in the PSP version

  34. I fucking love primal rage. I played the fuck outta primal rage on saga Genesis

  35. For the fault it had, I still love SSF II Turbo Revival and still play it to this day. One of my favorite fighting games on a portable system.

  36. What is the code for world tour on street fighter alpha 3 upper gba?

  37. Watching this video made me think, how come theres no Punching Weight for GBC's Power Quest??? Seems like such a punching weight game to me. Equally radical and bizzare

  38. What song is this over the dollar shave club ad??

  39. Honestly, I'd love to see an entire video dedicated to GBA fighting games. Guilty Gear on the GBA doesn't get enough love.

    Also, man. Imagine making a port as good as Alpha 3 for the GBA, but then still getting shafted because you finished it a bit late.

  40. "This isn't even the first time street fighter has been portable if you include the tiger electronics (which we do cause they're awesome)" A certain angry video game nerd would have a word to say about that

  41. Yeah but you wrong, cause there's an resident evil on GBC and everybody knows

  42. Can we just show some love for Rose, especially in Alpha 2…She was such a blast to play with!

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