Streaming GTA5 on the original Game Boy via WiFi cartridge -

Streaming GTA5 on the original Game Boy via WiFi cartridge

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A few weeks ago I created a Game Boy cartridge with built-in WiFi. Now I taught it to stream video and play games – In full resolution. At 20 fps. On an unmodified original Game Boy.

Relevant videos on the WiFi cartridge:
Schematics, source code and detailed explanations can be found at

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Jesse Doherty on Twitter:
His Tweet, demonstrating Doom shortly before I went public:

00:00 Intro
01:38 Drawing a full screen image on the Game Boy
04:32 Fast data transfer for fast videos
07:45 Video stream demos
08:50 Game demos
10:36 Conclusion


  1. ganz ehrlich wie kommt man auf die Idee so etwas zu machen? Respekt ey ! sieht auf nem GameBoy Color bestimmt noch bemerkenswerter aus.

  2. Since when are you streming all these old games?

  3. I would've played doom eternal on it

  4. The Gameboy sound chip has 4 channels: two play square waves, (that classic chiptune sound) one noise channel and one that can play samples from storage. your best bet would be to feed an audiostream to that samples channel by loading a continuous flow of chopped up samples from the card. i think you need to downsample the audio to 4 bit first or something. looking forward to hear it happening!

  5. Register A can begin hblank in a loaded state, saving two cycles.

    ZX Spectrum kids would suggest loading data into registers during LCD refresh, so slightly more can be moved into VRAM during hblank… but the GB doesn't have Z80 shadow registers. So you could start hblank with bytes in B & C, to do LD A,B / LD [HLI],A / LD A,C / LD [HLI],A, which saves one cycle per loaded register.

    Extending that becomes a tradeoff. You can overwrite DE… which also requires overwriting HL, temporarily. Basically, put the read address in HL, read data into B, C, D, and E, then pop the write address back into HL. Once hblank starts, do four of those 3-cycle writes, then pop DE from the stack and continue as before.

    You could probably begin hblank with A loaded, for an additional 2-cycle write, but the data order is weird. You MUST write A first, but you can only read it last. Which… isn't a problem for your wifi cartridge, since all reads come from the same address. You'd just change the order of bytes coming out.

    Pops take three cycles, but only one of them occurs during hblank itself. LD [HLI],A is two cycles. Register-to-register loads are one cycle, and you pair those with LD [HLI],A, four times. Then the pop. 17 cycles for the first five bytes, then back to 4 cycles per byte until hblank runs out. So 18 bytes per hblank. Which screws up HL's clean 8-bit alignment every 14 scanlines and probably isn't worth the hassle.

    Honestly I'd just lose one row of tiles to hit 30 Hz at 160×136 ot 152×144. Throw an unsharp mask filter into the pre-processing. Maybe send 16 bytes of FFT data so the sample channel can broadly approximate in-game audio. It brings this ridiculous monstrosity closer to useful. And isn't that the best punchline?

  6. das du die deutsche sprache sprichst, hört man so raus. bad english.

  7. Man hört gar nicht, dass du Deutscher bist. 😁

  8. This looks completely unplayable.

    20FPS, and so much latency.

  9. now do it on a nintendo switch. How is the latency? Would it be possible to make it into stream steam machine?

  10. Not even NASA has engineers of this caliber. I've never been there, but my uncle works at Nintendo, so I know what I'm talkin' about.

  11. can i post your video on my channel? I'll leave the credits in the description, and your channel too, I want to show the world this wonder!!!!

  12. "no video tricks"
    Immediately uses the Gameboy to stream video. … I get it though, I think it would be fair to say
    "this video recording is unmodified, this really is the game boy's screen as seen in real life."

  13. Stop giving Rockstar ideas about where to port GTA V next

  14. so the N64 Developement Cart 64drive has a WiFi chip in it could this also do the same thing?

  15. pov du merkst an seinem akzent das er deutschland is

  16. Make it play doom ETERNAL now

  17. Этот парень знает толк в извращениях…

  18. we can say that it is: GTA 5 Emerald edition or leaf green edition 🤣🤣🤣🤣 true gamers will relate

  19. Fantastic work but you should have put a back light to see better

  20. can you do this wifi cartridge for GBA please

  21. If you were interested, I’d love to see a video on the audio thing.

  22. try it in a gba or gba sp

  23. Wow the true power of the game boy .. not make a game gear one please

  24. Now play a Gameboy game on an emulator, streamed to your Gameboy 😉

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