Stomp & Shake Cheer at OPHS Boys Basketball Game 12/1/2022 -

Stomp & Shake Cheer at OPHS Boys Basketball Game 12/1/2022

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  1. Y’all are my favourites on YouTube so keep going and you are doing something well look you got 200k views!!

  2. perfect the cheers before u use them, the whole team should be in sync and be comfortable with the cheer, if not y’all are gonna look off all the time .

  3. I wonder what school they go too because I can’t find it anywhere on Google

  4. My cheer is not like this we do not do it like that me don’t make are voice like deep and we were lipstick and it red and are cheer is more girly but y’all’s is still amazing and yall did good 👍

  5. Every time I shot a free throw I would hear a cheer that went “ hey white boy on the line…” Anyone know it?

  6. Yall did too amazing!! keep up that amazing work of yalls! I love it💜👏

  7. It’s sad that only two girls are making ideas):

  8. Idk why was in my recommendations but these cheerleaders kinda smokin 🔥

  9. is she drinking SODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. whole reconstruction needs to be made.

  10. she keeps saying slow down , but at however speed you call it is the speed the team will go. 🫤

  11. i like the cheers and everything but i feel like they so keep up with each other and be in sync and they all need more practice and they are a bit of a mess but otherwise they did good

  12. When you all are sitting down, you should be stumping using the same leg, some use the right and others use the left. You want to be clean in your routine. Great job ladies

  13. They’re so sloppy! Cute cheers but whats the point if you’re gonna look a hot sloppy mess and they got nails on!!! SMH

  14. I do the shoot that ball cheer during games and I love doing it

  15. J O lets go is my school cheer
    they have the same steps and everything

  16. They were really sloppy and they were calling cheers that some of them didn’t know and making the whole team look like they didn’t understand 😶

  17. For the go o let’s go they need to slow it down to hear the stomps and the words

  18. really good but they gotta slow down so you can hear the words and they can be louder for sure 🫶🏽

  19. It’s funny but not bc they’re cheer outfits say elites

  20. Why do they keep yelling Attn: Elite squads stay at attn stop the chatter practice more and this team will be great. Signed Coach Sharoya of The Arkansas Cardinals ❤❤❤

  21. yall needa slow down, however u call it, is how fast yall should be doin it but good job ladies .

  22. 5:09 I love how the girl just stops her😂 honestly love the cheers though!

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