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Squid Games in VR is CRAZY!

Your Narrator
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  1. Wait wait wait, did you play rec room recently? Or was the person I saw just an poser

  2. Okay I love how his into and outro is so calm but the video isn’t 😂😂

  3. These guys are getting slapped more than Johnny Bravo at a Feminist convention.

  4. Jokes on them I can't die because Im already dead

  5. I love this mans voices I want to be like him and able to do those so I have begun practicing and I can do accent and pitch

  6. Yooo. That ending scene actually made me physically cringe through my laughter.

  7. Is punching the kid in a wheelchair the make a wish incident 😅 WTF….

  8. BTW… Thank you for giving me my squid games fix… I hope there's another season. I binge watched that whole thing two Sunday's ago. Didn't even nap through it… Sooooo good.

  9. Parents are being trolled thinking this is actually a kids channel

  10. Can I have a fucking anwser to what the fuck squid game is

  11. Did they… reveal the make a wish Inseadent and

  12. One episode of the actual show should go like this

  13. If the boys were in Squid Game the show would be much much much more funner

  14. I played VR chat and I have a freind who sounds just like narrator

  15. When narrators man when he come up its not the same of that guy in the movie when he come up to the boys -_-

  16. Why when eddie said what is going on boys on the cooky game he sounded ototuned

  17. The peter griffen can make a terrifying cursed image!! 😂😂

  18. I think i know the make a wish insedent mully punched a kid in a wheel chair

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