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Spider-Man 3 (Game Boy Advance) [Story and bosses]

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Storyline and bosses


  1. It took me so long to get here and he did it it 22 min

  2. 2nd gba game is better. I was disappointed in 3 because the game was in different graphics. but venom,no lies was looking scary

  3. Why does this look like the GBA Ultimate Spider Man? Seriously.

  4. The music for the map was exactly the same as the bat man begins game

  5. the game origined Ultimate Spider Man Ps2 music

  6. oh man this brings back memory when I had this game on Gameboy what a sweet childhood

  7. this game is not easy 🙂 i remember this when i was kid , gameboy-psp-ps1-ps4-gaming rig, evolution of my tech 🙂

  8. The gba version of this game is nothing like the previous ones they turn this into ultimate spiderman on gba they should called this ultimate spiderman 2 since spiderman finally kills venom

  9. some spiderman/marvel gba games are better than spiderman/marvel DS games for example gba ultimate spiderman is better than the ds version of the same title…

  10. My sister literally just found this game in her closet I thought I lost this game 8 years ago!

  11. There was a GBA version!? This came out well into the DS' life!

  12. I remember i finished this game in like 3 days and then the next day some kid stole it from me haha

  13. Nostalgia ! So many memories. Havent played this Since i was a kid:’)

  14. The DS version of Spider-Man 3 is a game I fondly remember. I don't have the GBA version yet.

  15. This bring back so many memories 😭 I remember I cried bc I couldn't get past the sand rising level


  17. This is a huge downgrade from Spider-Man 2 tbh. I would've expected these sort of graphics from the Spider-Man 1 GBA game

  18. Peter padraig: harry cian we gotta team up they have mary jane aisling
    Harry cian:you killed my dad peter padraig
    Peter padraig: oh my f**kin god harry cian!

  19. What’s funny is the ps2 version of this game stole cutscenes from the ps3 version and the game boy stole cutscenes from the ps2 version

  20. I thought I dreamed this shit

  21. Seja bém-vindos aqui no jogo n3 chama Homem-aranha 3

  22. I wonder if a lot of these screen shots come from beta builds of the console version

  23. This is quite easier than ultimate and battle for new york

  24. electro was the hardest and the one where the sand rises was the scariest level

  25. Lol the spider man logo they used is the 2002 movie chest logo and not 2004 or 7
    Hell even in the cutscene images, it's the 2002 spider-man game model.

  26. I feel like if we had gotten Spider-Man 4 in the days when GBA still existed, then we could have seen Venom return in a Spider-Man 4 GBA game with Carnage in it too.

  27. I remember I struck a deal with my cousin in exchange for this game, such a masterpiece

  28. 7:59 Ultimate Spiderman final boss theme?! This should've been in the Ultimate spider man GBA game not this smh

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