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Special Report: Minor Boy Commits Suicide Due To Free Fire Game Addiction

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  1. I wonder how he got the bank details,oto and other stuff

  2. Game Ra doso Nahi Jadi pilaa patha padhu chi ta padha time re mobile deba darkar

  3. Whatsoever it may be, Govt. should ban such games that adversely affects even life of minors.

  4. Noone can buy ammos or regestration
    Coz I am ff player but I am not finding any top up issues for regestration,why it's not about diamond s
    It's going intentionally

  5. I think all news channels or fustrated reporters should have scripted wisely before publishing this fake news
    How someone could buy ammos

  6. For transactions a person should have knew how to pay
    And how a child could do it,are u coward or what
    Or thinking of us foolish
    Not only ff players but also normal persons also telling that it is scripted or they are confused
    Stop spreading these otherwise no one will come to save you all from us
    Not only free fire but also any other fake news ur spreading then our anger will talk with u😡

  7. No one died but it's all tumors which is done by corruption in this society

  8. If ur going to take actions on us then we will open all Your screens
    And not only about free fire fake news but also all fake news
    U reporters of all channels

  9. Ek one tap marunga jamin ke andar gad ke rakh dunga,desert eagle se

  10. Thanks for freefire name I am a ESPORT palyr

  11. Maghia banda micha katha kou bala ku kahuchu banda kanak news. Bedha news maghia

  12. Bala Naaa…Sabu ..Micha…Hela…😛😛

  13. Please gov.ku mora anurodha free fire ban hau please……

  14. Free fire ଖେଳିବା ପାଇଁ କିଛି ବି money ଦରକାର ନାହିଁ ଆଉ ଗୁଳୀ ବି ମାଗଣା ରେ ମିଳେ

  15. Pela video pila ra dosa free fire nuha

  16. Tamara kana ଗଲ ଗଲ houthila
    Sala ସିଏ mala freefire kn kariba be

  17. True
    Media sab true freefire kuch galti nehi hei

  18. Free fire don't tell ff to top-up
    But if u top-up kindly inform u r mom dad about it
    And Don't Buy diamonds without
    U r parents dissecion

  19. Aithi parents kna bhul game ra kichi bhul nai.parents pila upare dhyana na rakhile kn heba.kemiti ka parents pila account ru ate paisa sarila parents pila marila pore januchanti aithi parents kna bhul.☹️☹️

  20. I can request to india please ban🙏 free fire in india

  21. !nija pua ku ta bala sambhali paruna kahuch free fire kheliki mala

  22. ଗୁଳି ମାଗଣା ରେ ମିଳେ free fire re
    ଏଥିପାଇଁ କିଛି ପଇସା ଦରକାର ନାହିଁ ।

  23. Free fire ban heu na hele free fire re no top up heu

  24. Kichi paisa darakar Nahi FF playing karibaku kank news micha kaila

  25. A gudak pani free fire dai nuha a sabu free fire ku india re ban kariba pani au gotia katha asabu
    School na kholiba hetu online re patha padiba ku mobile Tia dabaru emiti ghatichhi School agi janye kan pani kholaheuni

  26. Kichi paisa darkar nahi kheli baku jia jemiti chanhiba semiti kheli pariba free game jadi tame diamond buy kariba ta paisa lagiba seta tanka nijara bhul semane kemiti jani parileni je 96000 kati gala acc ru pila ku mobile dele ATM debaku kia kahi thila bapa maa nka prathama bhul age dekhantu 🙏

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