Soulja Boy Makes A Video Game Console - JonTron -

Soulja Boy Makes A Video Game Console – JonTron

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Jon Jafari – Himself
Magical Living SouljaGame – Sergio Emilio Torres
I’m tired – Yes I am


Jon Jafari – Director/Lead Editor
Mike Shayne – Director of Cinematography/Post Production
Andrew Reynoso – Editor/Production
Melanie Licata – Costume/Prop Designer
Sergio Emilio Torres – Production


  1. the funny thing is

    the fuse is a chinese game console that can go online

  2. Just burn the top of the nipple, a little spring pops out and the security tag come right off without the ink coming out

  3. The tag shit in the beginning happened to a waluigi hat i bought

  4. Nintendo proceeded to delete him from existence the plumber paid him a visit 😂

  5. I have a Soulja boy mini and it isn’t called a soulja boy mini, it’s called a plus I’m pretty sure

  6. ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤカ̵ニ̸モ̸だ̴た̶ says:

    He Soulja Got Lawsuit Rip XD

  7. God damn it "I make fridges!" made me snort exhale into my bong!

  8. Watching this in 2023, I almost spit my drink out when he said $700 for a 2070

  9. I’d rather buy a Lil Wayne branded wine cooler if there are any.

  10. I was driving in the car, and my friend hooked up her phone to the car speaker. I've seen this video before, so I thought i could listen to it and not get distracted, but the volume was a bit loud and when the police siren happened at 5:30, I thought it was an actual cop car nearby and almost jumped out of my seat looking around in all the mirrors for the blue and red lights. Lowkey almost had a heart attack, lol.

  11. 4 year ago huh? I wonder if he still stealing pants

  12. That mascot needs to be on John Oliver 😂

  13. This video old and all, but just some advice. If you ever need to get those ink tags removes, just use a magnet on the inside of the pants and it will pop right off for you

  14. Dudes gonna be the most ghetto guy in white collar prison

  15. Nintendo used to come with pack-in-titles. Personally I think they should have had something like Super Mario Bros. 1 come pre-installed for free.

  16. I dont understand why people are okay with paying monthly for their spotify, netflix, disney+, and hulu then draw the line at paying for a app they use more than all the others combined

  17. This channel is so garbage shit… I love it!!!

  18. Man, I can't believe it has been 4 years since this goofyness.

  19. Soulja is a typical “dindu nuffn” mumble muppet

  20. It's been 4 years and the Danish still haven't thanked him!

  21. He should have just made a Gameboy rip off and call it the Soulja boy.

  22. He should do another video on Solja Boys new handheld "Julia"

  23. wow this is only 4 years? felt way longer. old gaming jontron feels like ancient history

  24. It's like he thought he could autotune his way into the game industry..

  25. Omg…I just realized, Natty Ice sweater?! Jon…you disgust me

  26. so a.. did you get that stuff from soulja thief.. pardon me, boy?

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