Sonic On An Original Nintendo Game Boy!? Another Bootleg Game - Sonic 3D Blast 5 -

Sonic On An Original Nintendo Game Boy!? Another Bootleg Game – Sonic 3D Blast 5

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Here’s yet another unlicensed Sonic the Hedgehog bootleg. This time it’s for the original Game Boy and it’s called Sonic 3D Blast 5. It comes on a 32 in 1 pirate multicart along with a bunch of other titles such as Dr Mario and Pac Man. I believe there was also a standalone version released but I’ve yet to find that. I recently found and bought this copy on ebay.

I show some gameplay in colour on my backlit AGS-101 because it’s easier to film but I also do a little demo of the game running on my original, oldschool Game Boy.

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  1. ahhhhhhhhh my ears 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  2. My ears are in pain. I should cleanse them with the PAL Mega Drive Sonic 1 music. 😛 (apologies to PAL gamers but I'm sure you understand)

  3. The "Music" actually sounds better on a real gameboy. It doesn't have the dissonant bass frequencies you'll hear on emulators.

  4. eswaeaeaedda eso no tiene sentido
    a sonic 3D ni desdfvg es porqeria

  5. is this crappier version of Sonic Adventure 7?

  6. Am I the only one that saw, number 9 says "GB Sonic"

  7. That shit looks rediculous also the wet fart music annoying as hell. All that make sonic amazing was fast gameplay ,love my original gameboy for games like DK land

  8. Classic nes hacks =earrape/line going through ur ears

  9. the intro music looks like an 8 bit version of sonic and knuckles intro music

  10. Is that a wicker clothes hamper? I believe I have the same one as you do lol!

  11. There Is A Version For The Nintendo Entertainment System/NES/Family Computer/Famicom

  12. its missing a key part of a sonic game Momentium

  13. The Sonic sprite is from "Sonic Triple Trouble" (Game Gear)

  14. There's too many enemies to be able to run much.
    It looks great though on the Gameboy.

  15. for an original gameboy bootleg game it´s pretty good to be honest

  16. Poor Nintendo fanboys still trying to catch up on Game gear's excellence even after 30 years..
    Sega Master Race.

  17. More like sonic 3D blasted my eardrums 5 times

  18. Sonic 3d blast 5 ?
    More like sonic ear blast 5 !

  19. It really isn't even that bad, quite impressive apart from da music.

  20. I have tons of these pirated cartridges

    Trust me i hate them

    Some of them has Sonic 3D Blast 5™

  21. this game is actually nice to play I'm playing now. I have all Gameboy games gb gbc 2000 something

  22. The music in Sonic 3D Blast 5 was so awful… my ears were about to explode from listening to that horror. 😱

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