Solid Metal Game Boy COLOR -

Solid Metal Game Boy COLOR

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This video is an #Ad by SQUARE ENIX and DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS! Check out my link to download the game and try it for yourself: iOS: | Android: | Official Site:

Boxy Pixel has a new aluminum shell for the Game Boy Color that makes it look more like a Game Boy Pocket. This is one of the most expensive Game Boy mods you can do.

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  1. I love these. I have one for the og GBA that I dust off here and there. Boxy Pixel makes such sick shells.

  2. You're building my metal gameboy color with brass buttons! Glad mine wasn't the first you ever built

  3. I've just read as "Solid Metal Gear by COLOR".

  4. That was the funniest fucking ad ive ever seen. Love you skoot

  5. I like the BP Pocket Color, but I prefer my original BP Color. I'd rather keep my headphone jack and have the larger battery than slightly reduce the size.

  6. GUYS. does anyone have this prob? I cant open my eshop. It says its in maintainence. Can i fix it or something?

  7. For my birthday last year, I modified my old GBC, and it's great. Everything is new but the main board. I wouldn't do this mod for myself, but if I were taking requests I'd totally do this mod for others. I do have the same screen, and it's fantastic.

  8. love your channel dude, please don't let fame change you

  9. Where is my new or any kind if PSP? All these companies makin new GB GBC and GBA stuff but PSP is just there, forgotten.

  10. 8:35 And that's why you watch the tutorial in full once or twice before you actually start anything, it's never let me down.

  11. I love that you have the gameboy advance by The Retro Future. He has one of my favorite channels too! 🔥

  12. The screen glitch is a dealbreaker for me. But thanks for the vid.

  13. Hey Bob, are there any videos you used to get to grips with soldering in general?

  14. Can you do this mod but keep the original screen?

  15. Can't believe that bob is such a bully towards slimes. This is super disappointing

  16. Man Bob, you've grown so much since the days of your first emulator videos!

  17. This is the guy who thought Donkey Kong was released in the late 70's. Still baffling.

  18. If you are willing to put in the effort you could put a gameboy flashcart into your Wulf Denn Cartridge, You'D need to back up games though and that could be hassle.

  19. i font like how the carts arent flush with the body at the top.

  20. would the nintendo switch clicky mod work with a 8bitdo pro 2 controller as well conceptually? I'm curious if soldering in some switches like you did on a switch pro would register keys as well on a 8bitdo pro 2.

  21. Bob: enjoyed dragon quest builders on the switch now take it anywhere
    Me:I'm pretty sure I can take my switch anywhere thats kind of what sells the switch

  22. I did think it was a Gameboy Pocket shell for a minute there. Had no idea that you could get metal cartridges, but this looks so clean!

  23. My take away from this video: you have the same Zelda coasters as me. Seriously though great vid!

  24. Couldn't believe this video didn't get a lot of love. It certainly wasn't like this was less interesting than usual. Very fun video, in point of fact!

  25. Loved the video, reminded me to always watch a tutorial video at least once to get a general idea of it, THEN attempt it. Also, it got me thinking, I'd really love an authentic feeling aluminum Gameboy SP clamshell style. idk if they are hard to do. powkiddy v90 has been tempting but want the premium aluminum build quality like this plus playing Ps1 flawlessly. It's too cheap feeling. A shame.

  26. lol ok what the fuck is that double screen GBA SP? That's worth a video

  27. Wish the cartridge was flush, other than that beautiful build

  28. For the price, this mod seems rather…frustrating, to say the least. Not all parts are included, unused parts are included, the guide has errors, and (this part is a dealbreaker for me) the cartridges don't sit flush with the shell!

  29. Looks great! But probably too heavy an enclosure to enjoy for hours at a time…

  30. WULFF when are you going to make an Odysee channel?

  31. Wait, that's how the bezel goes on? Also, take that custom metal cart and put a flashcard inside if it can fit

  32. If you read the title without paying attention it looks like it's saying something related to Metal Gear

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