Soccer Game Gets Out of Control - Hoover vs Central High School Boys Soccer -

Soccer Game Gets Out of Control – Hoover vs Central High School Boys Soccer

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  1. Not a big deal. Quelled easily in less than 1 min.

  2. they all suck anyway. Might as well give all of them a red card

  3. Bruh nigga started swinging and then ran away🤡

  4. I never like saying this but i bellive that me ,14 years old would have played better

  5. Well there is 22 players that have zero future in the game & not a single contender for the UFC either.

  6. They should've thrown some tamales in the middle and the fight would've been over.

  7. No ty vole, proč se prali?!👀
    Tyhle jejich emoce vznikly jenom z bezmoce, že ani jeden z nich neumí hrát fotbal

  8. Η κότα τρέχει 😂

  9. A piros 14 nem való capatba, mert bajt hoz a többiekre.

  10. Agree both teams are a little bad for HS football, but you have to give it to the midfielders because those long passes were amazing.

  11. So did #10 get punished then? Cause I don't recall him doing anything different from what anyone else did wrong.

  12. is this america?? looks like everyone is latino

  13. Dude y’all suck at soccer and y’all fall for everything. You are such floppers

  14. Wey el juego con un solo línea y ni bandera trae 🤣🤣🤣 el chiste se cuenta solo

  15. God the amount of perms in this video was alarming

  16. Why are they playing on a american football field? Can someone explain?

  17. this reminds me of when we played this team called cessnock we were 2-0 up we were away from home and this kid found this sharp metal thing and he kept poking us with it he was such a dick but atleast we won 2-0

  18. Godamn they’re trash lmao both teams suck! Cant complete a damn pass lmao my 8 year old plays better

  19. Yall niggas are so ass😂 both teams fucking suck

  20. lol they are playing football in a football stadium

  21. To save You time of this boring teams…😁 10:22 Player red#17 commited a foul to player white#7 Then player white#5 commited a harder foul to player red#17 They argued but then player red#14 started the FIGHT! And all reds want to beat the 💩 out of player white#5 who in 10:38 gave a funny kick at the rear to player red#3 who came from the bench. I would call the video: " JUST A BAD DAY #5 ". 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. No only do they not know how to play soccer. But they also don't know how to Duke it out

  23. I want the 12mins i wasted watching this 😤

  24. Why are they playing in a American football field

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