So I tried Game Boy Games On Switch and... -

So I tried Game Boy Games On Switch and…

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In a major surprise, Nintendo brought Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games to Nintendo Switch Online. Funny enough, we just did a gigantic haul video on recent pick-ups I’ve made for my Analogue Pocket, so the timing couldn’t be better. As we’ve discussed many GBA games here, I get into the library both current and upcoming as well as the performance of these games!

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Intro: 00:00 – 1:17
The Library Of Games: 1:18 – 4:54
Game Boy Color: 4:55 – 11:18
Game Boy Advance: 11:19 – 21:37


  1. "They've been kind of loose with the zelda IP" LOOOOOL YA DONT SAY zelda's adventure ,link the faces of evil and zelda the wand of gamelon ….looser than a thanksgiving turkey lol

  2. 6:00 one question, how the hell do you save your file on Link's Awakening original, I have no clue how and those kids certainly didn't help

  3. GBC was my favorite portable as a kid mostly from memories. Like you said, it had a good gaming library and not only stuck with Mario. If the new game boy games they release are other Mario’s I never heard of, I’ll be super pissed. The Oled Switch is the best portable I’ve played, overall. Games like god of war don’t hype me anymore and thought the last of us was an obvious re4/5 ripoff. Just wish the switch would get the dead space remake. The older Zelda games are fun to try out, but I don’t see how people can play those for hours straight.

  4. With the announcement that there will be a Pokémon Presents announcement on Feb 27th (Pokémon Day) do you think that they'll be announcing Pokémon stuff for NSO? Stadium 1, and 2 were already revealed as upcoming, so that would be a prime time to add Gen 1 and 2 to the GB/C libraries

  5. I love it. The only problem I have is the classic feel setting for classic gameboy puts lines around every square which was not how the gameboy looked, or at least not my gameboy color. I even put the gameboy advance on little screen once in a while to really have a nostalgia trip, although it is best at fullscreen with classic feel on.

  6. for my 10th or 11th birthday i got a game boy advance and mario & luigi superstar saga and super mario advanced 4, i still have them both and play it often.

  7. I'm so happy I found your channel. Subbed and binged. Can't wait for your next vid keep it up. I recommend checking out Summon night a swordcraft story for gba if you canm

  8. I want wario land 4…might have to get steam deck

  9. Just finished playing Link's Awakening for the first time since the 90s on Switch Gameboy. Minish Cap is next!

  10. I'm pretty sure the Pokemon games are going to be a return of the old Virtual Console model.

  11. Kuru Kuru Kurin is a hidden gem. I’ve had a blast with that game

  12. I really love how you articulate your thoughts. I was very curious how GB/GBA online would be. I might consider it later on – especially because of Golden Sun. I sadly, sold my copy a long time ago and I'd love to have it again in some form. I played Minish Cap on an emulator years ago and had such a blast with it! I do see that they have some Sega games – there are a ton that they should add. And I hope they remember that Ecco the Dolphin has a sequel that absolutely should be added. .. I also wonder about the movie-tie in GB/Sega games .. like Jurassic Park. Would be great to see those on the service.

  13. My absolute favourite games other than Pokémon on the GBA was the mario kart game. Hours and hours of game play.

  14. The biggest system sellers for the gba and gbc were yugioh and Pokemon where i live. None of thoose are on the service. Atleast Pokemon would be reasonable they should have the rights for it. Yugioh i dont know cause Konami but even Pokemon Blue and Red was to much it seems.

  15. Until I see those Pokémon games for gameboy color , or those wrestling games for Nintendo 64 I’m straight on these . I don’t need to play old Mario’s or Zelda’s

  16. Game and Watch 2 and 3 are awesome. Game and Watch 2 is one of my favorite GBC games.

  17. I'm enjoying The Minish Cap, although it is frustrating at times.
    I can't wait for more games.
    But I also want more N64, SNES and NES games.

  18. oh that takes me back. I remember mario an luigi uperstar, this was so different and awesome. I wanna make a GBA game so much. I have made GB game before but GBA is my fav handheld.

  19. Can't exactly add Pokemon, all the games are virtually the same! Might effect sales ;p

  20. It's "The Minish Cap". THE. It's a pun on "diminish" for crying out loud

  21. You’re surprised that Capcom developed a Zelda game? Dude, they even developed the Oracle games. 😂

  22. Got links awakeing dx at a yard sale or whatever back in the day and i fell in lvoe with the game. You are rigth it was the most Homey or cozy Zelda title 🙂 so fun!

  23. Honestly, Nintendo just pisses me off. I should not have to pay for an online subscription to play old games. Charge us for an emulator app fine, charges to re-download the games fine, What they shouldn’t be doing is charging a monthly fee so we can play old games. They need to bring all of the old Pokémon games over because since the release of switch that is what the fan base has been asking for. I hate subscription based culture. I will continue to use my old systems to play these games. Anyone who bought a steam deck from steam has been encouraged to hack it by the creators and in doing so you can put on emulators. Nintendo has threatened to shut down accounts and brick switches if they’re hacked. Here’s a thought maybe make what they’re hacking for available and affordable.

  24. if metroid fusion is coming i hope zero mission does too..then we got them all pretty much

  25. Mainline Pokemon games will get added eventually, but it could be soon or years from now. 3DS VC started in 2011, but Pokemon R/B/Y wasn't added until 2016, G/S wasn't added until 2017, and C in 2018. Wii U VC didn't get R/S/E or FR/LG.

    I don't expect it to be quite THAT long this time, but it's Pokemon so who knows.

  26. I’m starting to think virtual console wasn’t on switch because of smash bros. Brawl and 4 had a try this characters game for a minute or 2. Ultimate didn’t have that maybe that’s why the older games aren’t there.

  27. Game & Watch Gallery is a vibe. Love those games.

  28. I had like two games for the GBA and one of them was Bomberman Tournament. Think Legend of Zelda but it was Bomberman. And also it was Pokemon too.

  29. I REALLY hoped for Pokemon Pinball, i played that soo much back in the day 🙁

  30. This is a genuine question to anyone that wants to answer. Why would you as an adult buy a portable gaming device for yourself? I can only speak for myself but as an adult I cannot imagine an opportunity to play the damn thing. If I'm away from home generally that means I'm doing stuff that requires my attention. Pulling out a Gameboy would be wildly inappropriate in almost any circumstance. And if I'm at home where it would be appropriate, why would I choose a Gameboy over something like my PS5? So do you just play it at home then? At that point it's like why do that? Cus it's portable, you know?Maybe it's a me thing but I've always thought of a Gameboy or whatever as a substitute for when a console isn't available. Is that a common perspective or am I an outlier?

  31. Alone in the Dark when it came to GBC looked crazy back then for sure

  32. This has been the best update for me personally. I've played everything on the n64, but was still excited about a lot of the games and had a lot of fun with Mario Party with the boys specifically. But I never had a Gameboy Advanced, plus never had any of those games on the regular Gameboy so I've been having a ton of fun playing these games. Already beat Minish Cap and I loved it.

  33. Nintendo is sitting on the gold mine that is pokemon RBY, GSC, RSE.

  34. I'm just not impressed with the game selection. I'd like to see the catalog increase a lot before I see value in it.

  35. Capcom also made the Zelda Oracle games on GBC Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. 2 separately Great games and they link together to get the true ending. Supposed to be added to the service later.

  36. Wario Land 3 on GBC is an A-tier game IMO heavily slept on

  37. i don‘t get it why nintendo has to make so much money everytime they come up with their retro option… and then they come up with the lowest and smallest library in history… that‘s why so many other handheld console are having success – cause you can play every console up to the ps3 with every game in history on them 🤷🏽‍♂️

  38. I’m waiting for them to add the GBA Metroid games or Pokémon until I upgrade to the expansion pack.

  39. In the golden age of emulators, I really fail to see the point of this.

  40. Capcom also made 2 earlier Zelda games for the Gameboy color: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.

  41. I finally got access to the Nintendo Online Expansion. Super excited for GBA and N64

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