So I tried Game Boy Games On Switch and... -

So I tried Game Boy Games On Switch and…

Retro Rebound
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In a major surprise, Nintendo brought Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games to Nintendo Switch Online. Funny enough, we just did a gigantic haul video on recent pick-ups I’ve made for my Analogue Pocket, so the timing couldn’t be better. As we’ve discussed many GBA games here, I get into the library both current and upcoming as well as the performance of these games!

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Intro: 00:00 – 1:17
The Library Of Games: 1:18 – 4:54
Game Boy Color: 4:55 – 11:18
Game Boy Advance: 11:19 – 21:37


  1. As someone who has a pocket, you’re clearly trying to show it off as much as possible for no reason😂

  2. Is there a video with Matty’s thoughts on the Analogue Pocket? He surely likes it but I’m curious to know more. Also omg I wish gba game boxes weren’t so hard to come by

  3. For the people who enjoy Kuru Kuruin, check out tumbleseed for switch. An early indie that was great with rumble too

  4. What I love about most of these gba games included is they’re all very “is that even a good idea?” And they’re all 9s and 10s. From Capcom making a Zelda, to a Mario rpg with lots of dialogue, and a wario mini game collection.

    Also I agree about MK8 spoiling other cart racers. Unless you have nostalgia for a specific game, it’s hard to beat mk8. Glad they continued to add content and made it worth the money

  5. Why do these YouTubers always look like they’re about to s__t themselves, it’s such a pathetic farce.

  6. It was an amazing surprise to see that they've added this to Switch. I haven't used mine for a long time so this made me very happy. My first handheld was the GameBoy and Super Mario Land. I wish they added that first game but hopefully it'll come later at some point.

  7. So this is what the singer of Nickelback is doing after music. Interesting…

  8. They should emulate the link cable tech to make it possible to play multiplayer on popular gba multiplayer games

  9. Your Super Mario Bros. 3 skills are funny bro. Otherwise great video. Really dig it. It's ok that you play SMB3 kinda weirdly. It don't mean a thing. ha


  11. Wario Ware in the Wii is worth a look. Hilarious memories.

  12. Kururin Squash on the Gamecube was my first introduction to the series… excited to try the Gameboy one! It's unfortunately the only one in English, but if you can ever play the Gamecube one I highly recommend it.

  13. Remember the old days when you could just buy a game and it was yours? Subscriptions 😪

  14. Capcom already had done both Zelda Oracle games for the Gameboy color and those were very good.

  15. The inclusion of super Mario 3 for gba is a little insulting, considering it’s on the snes and nes for switch online.

  16. a lot of metroid fans are very happy with the game boy/color games. Especially with Fusion coming later this week

  17. Nothing in that stupid online service is worthy
    the connection entirety is still horrendous, N64 emulation on Switch is absolute garbage so could be some GBA games, there are WAAAAAAAY too few old games compared to WiiU Virtual Console, and Expansion Pack is total fraud since first N64 games run like on a Win3.1 PC second the bonus DLCs are for the game almost nobody is playing anymore especially Splatoon 2
    Bit kudos to archiving Minish Cap at last, and that's it NSO is nuclear waste

  18. Can we just talk about how they didn't even announce the Pokemon games for this on Pokemon Day? Like, that was one of the most anticipated topics next to Scarlet/Violet DLC, and nothing.

  19. Nintendo took so long to put these games up for sale, I bought and sold a Switch, sold my other one and ended up buying a Steamdeck instead. Now I'm playing all of these games on my Deck instead.

    Nintendo really needs to start preserving their history by allowing us to buy retro games. Otherwise people like me will find other ways to play them.

  20. I mean Pokemon games will probably be added on their own separate tier

  21. This guy reminds me a lot of Mr. Matty Plays.

  22. I played Minish Cap on the NSO for the first time, and completed it. Love it so much.
    I played it with the pixel grid filter and on handheld mode. The filter is quite nice.
    Now all I have left in the game is grinding for these annoying figurines 😅

  23. Bought a membership just to play metroid fusion tomorrow 😬😬

  24. @Retro Rebound: Try Mario kart super cicuit more then once and even more then 3 time to fully determine if you hate it any new game to you you need time to get used to the control, if i did have your attitude as a kid with Mario kart super ciruit, try it once don't like it, and give-up on it forever, I would have never played this after Mario kart double dash, neither Mario kart DS, neither Mario kart Wii, neither Mario kart 7, neither Mario kart 8 for the WiiU, and Neither Mario kart 8 Deluxe, and neither the new DLC. In Mario kart Super Ciruit it plays like Super mario kart but it as better control that Super mario kart, the drifting is the same as a mix of Super mario kart and Mario kart 64, Mario kart super ciruit have mechanic like mario kart 64, so if you slip on a course obsticle, and/ or banana peels and you do not spin out right away, press break without turning to prevent spin out. If you have 0 coins and bump to a character you spin out, you lose one coins evertime you bump into a character that is not shrunk, or already spining out, if you used the star power-up you can hit cup without loseing coins except if another one also have the star. If your shrunk from lightning and you get run over by normal size guy you spin out instead of going flat, the only obsticle that would give character flat animation is the thwomp. Mario kart super ciruit difficulty is like this 50cc feels like 100cc, and 100cc feels like 150cc, and 150cc feelss like 200cc, their is no difficulty higher then 150cc, and no mirror mode. to unlocked the super nintendo track first step in 50cc get gold in all the cup including special cup, your rank does not matter, then repeat does cup and get a total of 100coins or more for that cup to unlock the super nintendo track of that cup. To unlock for the other CC you have to repeat does step for each CC difficulty.

  25. Super circuit is a lot of fun but you cant play it with the joystick, I've noticed that playing both of the 2d games are like that. Use the D pad!

  26. knowing that there was an orphanage with kids playing Mafia 2 is an interesting thought.

  27. Nintendo rehashing old shit (again) and cynically cashing in on the retro market. If I wanna play GBA games, I'll play them on my… GBA! Why don't they bring out some decent new games.

  28. The switch supposedly only has two years of life left before they announce a new console. You're going to have to buy and subscribe to these games again when live service eventually shuts down

  29. I grabbed a steam deck. Now i can just play these games without paying a subscription fee. Nintendo probably could have got 60 bucks out of me with the right pricing from selling these on a virtual console, now it gets nothing.

  30. Honestly without Pokémon, it isn't even worth it.

  31. You should have played those classic from past if you were into gb and gba. they are like top of the list on IGN review score back in 20 years ago. I am sure pokemon and pokemon like games were fun but without playing those games you can't make fair assumptions about it.

  32. Oracle of Ages and Seasons is Capcom as well if I'm not mistaken.

  33. Was Metroid covered? Or did I miss that in the video?

  34. Online is shit for zoomers
    I play gba on shitch offline, because mine is hacked. Fuck this crap

  35. To me while is good that they are bringing GBA games and such I still find the online too expensive.
    Even egregious when some of the games are not translated to others languages, only in english.

  36. Expectation pack is still a bad deal for the price

  37. Selection of Alone in the Dark for the start lineup is really weird. It used to look very impressive on the small screen, but it is almost impossible to play on a big screen. The creators were using many graphical tricks that work properly only on the original LCD display, but look like trash on emulators. I remember having finished that game on the original console, but I also remember how unpolished the game was and how I had to completely replay it because the player is not given enough ammo for all the random enemy encounters.

  38. still crossing my fingers theyll add spyro season of ice/fire 🥲 i might be alone in that but.. a girl can dream!
    Also super bummed you didnt mention Wario Land 3! that was the first game i owned for my GBC along with Pokemon Blue and ive replayed it an ungodly amount of times over the years. Such an underrated game.. one of my all time faves!

  39. The anoying thing with the NSO virtual console is that there is just far to few top games on them and the releases is too far in between.

  40. I gave you a thumbs up halfway through but then you had to go and call the power up; and I quote, "Squirrel Mario."
    I will leave my thumbs up with you, but just know that you inflicted irreparable soul damage on me.

  41. I gave you a thumbs up halfway through but then you had to go and call the power up; and I quote, "Squirrel Mario."
    I will leave my thumbs up with you, but just know that you inflicted irreparable soul damage on me.

  42. Why do they not have more games? There's like four or five advanced games and like four GB games.. they OWN the rights to them all, so why do we have such a small amount?

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