She Attracts Boys In Video Games When They Meet Up They Die -

She Attracts Boys In Video Games When They Meet Up They Die

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Movie: BlackHeaven / L’autreMonde 2010

Gaspard follows clues to find the owner of a lost phone, leading to a dangerous obsession with her. In his selfishness, he becomes willing to jeopardize his relationships to get closer to her. When he discovers her secret, he realizes that he’s now in even greater peril.

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  1. She decide they do what her father would approve of

  2. Why did he choose a black character 😂😂😂

  3. gaspard and marion ———– need be togetheer

  4. When the notification popped up I was like huh 😂

  5. Bro , why TF you don't give movie name at beginning ? It's so annoying

  6. Lori Cox Ryan Vallow Daybell, is that you??

  7. Not sure if I’d watch this but it seems like this is worth watching but I don’t think this is my cup of tea

  8. The headline was more interesting than the movie itself…

  9. "is there someone there?!"
    "Yeah bro dont mind me" 😂 could you imagine

  10. I love how they grey out blood in scenes just to save monetization 😂

  11. this is movie 100% like Catherine just reality checked abit

  12. What a horribly written over-the-top Rube Goldberg story

  13. If you can't be bothered to post the name of the movie, then don't bother posting at all.

  14. Black Beach sounds like an Hell of A Drug 😂😂😂😂To many Simps on earth 🌎😂

  15. This story features suicide and needs a warning about containing controversial themes.😢

  16. Wow MySpace on that computer. I'm to old.

  17. Even Gaspard dumps Marion, she's still forgives him. I don't know why Gaspard is still lucky to have a caring GF (even he claims she's naive) and went to a girl who uses him.

  18. They have Sam’s lost phone but she stills knows where to meet dragon ? 😂

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