Secrets of the Nintendo Game Boy Boot Logo | MVG -

Secrets of the Nintendo Game Boy Boot Logo | MVG

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The Nintendo Game Boy has a clever form of Anti Tamper that made it difficult for unofficial and bootleg games to be developed for it and it was all thanks to the Nintendo Logo thats displayed when you power on the handheld. Lets take a closer look at the Boot process of the Game Boy.

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  1. why is that intro music for the video so damn good??

  2. Seeing the gameboy advance was a trip i immediately thought of golden sun…then I saw the camelot logo and nostalgia hit real bad

  3. What the hell do you mean by "is is?"

  4. Why wasnt it possible, to just load the logo once for displaying AND checking? Have I missed something?

  5. Boot logos are Nintendos way of telling you that you used a cirtified, licensed Nintendo Corporation peripheral to power your device…… OR a bunch batteries..

  6. This guy sounds like he fucking hates making these videos.

  7. I remember as a teenager i always got bootlegs when i was on vacation on the canary islands.
    Almost all sold Gameboy games didn't had written nintendo on the cartridge and the game pictures were just stickers.
    There were even cartrdiges with 100 games and double the length then a normal cartridge, but most of these games did end in the middle.
    That was, if i remember correctly, around the year 1993. So maybe 3 years into the life time of the gameboy.
    So i think that anti tamper was a failure.

  8. fucking assembly i still can't understand it for the life of me

  9. I enjoyed this. On mute..No cc either..the visual was good enough. Nostalgically speaking.

  10. Late '80s… fledgling computer technology…i.e. cutting edge of consumer electronics, wow… the only thing missing is some high BPM techno music with dancing cacti 🌵 🌵 🌵 ⚡✨😈👍🍸🌵 Extra-dry martinis at the Cactus Club 🌵❗🍸🤔🍸🍸🚬💊💊💊🚬🚬🆒🥳🤪🍸🥴👍❤️💋🥳🌵🌵🌵🥳. Extra-dri martinis 🌵🍸 help the cacti to parti constantli❗🤔🤣🤣🤣🍸🤪🥴👍🥳🌵🥰. Groovi! I'm perfectly aware that it's a little bit silli, and it's making my English-Language-pedantri gears grind bigly, but flexibiliti is one of the keys of the success of English… so yeah I can compromise my cactus… oops, excuse me! I mean, I can compromise my lifestyle to the extent of a pragmatic adjustment to the modern idiomatic expressions of English, and this arguably demonstrates that English is a living, breathing (metaphorically speaking!) language which would be a good choice for use as a global lingua Franca even if other contenders exist (A Spanish and a Chinese are the extent of this, and it's reasonable to assert that it's too late for them now, and then they have drawbacks that English lacks. I may be biased, but I'm also open to any counter-arguments…).

  11. Nintendo saving the gaming world from the global game crash in ‘83 using piracy methods is often overlooked when critiquing their piracy efforts.

  12. 00:20 epilepsy warning for any frens that need it

    Love the vids but I'm scared for the homies that suffer from fast shifting colors and lights

  13. Amazing how clear the gameboy colour appears on camera today

  14. I see you had that Golden Sun in that gameboy advance

  15. Thanks for walking us through the code: we couldn't possibly have read the annotations ourselves.

  16. I dug for hours in my family’s storage unit to find my old gameboy because of this video 😂

  17. A really long time ago when we had a game boy, we got the hands on a cartridge from abroad, and it had tons of game boy games all on one cartridge! Obviously someone hacked to make this and sold it. Must have had a lot more space on there too. At boot, you just select which game to start out of a really big list.

  18. a good example of how a successful product like the gameboy is the result of savy engineering.

  19. I bought an original Game Boy back in 2009 and turned it on and fell in love
    Now I have 7 of them. Maybe this was a bad idea

  20. Nintendo never ceases to disgust me with their anti-piracy methods.

  21. So they won't take them to court for pirating games but they will take them to court for using their logo on pirated games?

  22. I'm horrified by you pressing the run and jump buttons separately rather than holding run permanently with part of your thumb and tapping jump with the inside of your thumb knuckle like a civilized person!

  23. I have a lot more faith in Nintendo lawyers succeeding in court than I do Sega lawyers…

  24. Great video, but I can't get over not rolling the thumb from B to A with B still held. It's killin' me.

  25. Why couldn't they make all the logo loading sequences as cool as the original XBOX from gaming of that time to now? That shit was dope as it get

  26. lot's of game systems had codes to boot to different …game designer add-on's …like blood mode …
    and unlimited life…remember have to press left up shoot button a and b ..and a and b the sega logo….and you can hear a sound effect if it works

  27. I still have my Nintendo game boy it's still epic all these years later

  28. Here we are 35 years later learning to code the toys of our childhood.

  29. I first read the title as tamper being a temper tantrum.

  30. I SAW THAT CAMELOT LOGO!! That HAD to be Golden Sun! Is an absolute Golden Sun fanboy.

  31. Seems there are a whole lot of people out there who are way smarter than I am.

  32. You could simply have your own logo with the same hex value.

  33. People always speak abot how cheap was the GB, but it is quite well made. They last for ever and the pastic is hard to crack. It is quite nice device. I have mod some of mine and are fantastic.

  34. My friend has a multicart with a Nintoude logo. But thats the only bootleg Gameboy cart I saw with a modified logo. Thanks for solving a little mystery from my childhood. =)

  35. there was someoen so against softmoddign and hacking, he hated it, i wanted to change his gameboy advance SP to say "HACKED" at every boot LOL, can that be done?

  36. They should've have a loud beep noise that doesn't stop until you turn off the Gameboy.

  37. Guys, I loaded homebrew on my microwave from a usb!

  38. You realize that Bios stands for? Basic Input Output System? So yeah, Gameboy has a bios

  39. Please tell me I wasn't the only who got scared of the glitchy Nintendo logo when a cartridge was dirty

  40. TFW your INGENIOUS and DIABOLICAL copy protection is thwarted by a 10 year using a funny looking item they found by doing overly precise steps and RNG manipulation

  41. Is the cpu used in gameboy a Zilog Z80 because the instructions seems familiar ,
    It will be fun for me to mess with it 😅
    What is the program you are using to access the code ?

  42. Btw, the decision against sega does not prevent this trademark security system from legally blocking unlicensed software.

    there are three elements that make it work.

    1) the logo is bitmap data.
    2) the logo is blindly displayed from the cart.
    3) the logo is validated AFTER being displayed.

    If the nintendo logo is not there, the game will not run.
    if it is there, you are showing, and have included, a nintendo trademark, opening yourself to lawsuits if your game was not actually licensed.

    That said, there was a legal workaround, and this workaround was used.

    The display of the bitmap data is only a trademark violation if it happens. It being present in the rom itself is not.

    So if you make the cart provide its's own logo, but swap in the nintendo one when it checks again, then you have legally beaten the system. You see, a trademark violation must be VISIBLE. If the customer doesn't see it, it didn't happen. The people that made starfox actually did this, and showed it off to Nintendo. They made a gameboy game that showed THEIR logo (Argonaut), yet started fine, legally defeating the trademark security system. They DID get their game licensed, though. they were just showing off. 🙂

    This is why sega's didn't work, legally. It was just four bytes that you could not see, and the console checked the bytes, but it's "produced or licensed by sega" message was produced by the BIOS. Therefore, including the four magic bytes which just happened to show "SEGA" was not true infringement.

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