Same Name, Different Game: DuckTales (Game Boys of Summer Part I) NES vs. Game Boy -

Same Name, Different Game: DuckTales (Game Boys of Summer Part I) NES vs. Game Boy

Same Name, Different Game
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Part I of a summer series looking at the Game Boy! You know DuckTales is great on the NES, but what about its portable port? NES footage captured from an A/V Famicom with the HiDefNES mod, Game Boy footage captured from a PAL GameCube running RGB SCART through a Framemeister.

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  1. Great video! NES DT's Moon Theme has been my phone ringer for as far back as I can remember.

  2. There's nary a ghost of a chance that I've failed to pick up on your hint.

  3. Love the NES DuckTales game in spite of how bad I am at it. One day I'll have a proper sit down and make a go of it. The GB version really does a good job of translating the sprites over without losing too much. Good stuff with this episode. Been quite interested in GB ports recently.

  4. Great vid as usual. Can't wait for the rest of the Game Boys…I was/am an avid GB fan…still consider it (specifically the GBA) the greatest handheld of all time with it's triple BC library. Really curious what you have up your sleeve, I can only really think of a handful of games w/ same name different game between the GB and other systems

  5. Looking forward to the rest of this summer series Joe!

  6. I remember getting Duck Tales from a flea market and playing it on my GBC, and thinking that there was something wrong with my system because of how awful the music sounded. Well, that system's sound hardware hasn't aged well (the sound tends to go louder/quieter when the volume wheel is given even the slightest tap), but the music really just is that bad. It's a shame too, because it was a decent conversion otherwise.

  7. The outside threw me off, I thought you were gonna look at Harvest moon.

  8. 0:40 Damn, Joe, who did the artwork? It's almost as good as Mike Matei (from Cinemassacre).

  9. Isn’t it hard to believe that the game is so influential that the Moon theme was even referenced in the DuckTales reboot? Even Disney and the current show’s frontrunners thought that the song is such a classic.

  10. Wow, I remember when those commercials were new😰

  11. Hey, what's the chance we'll get a SNDG for Battletoads once the new one comes out? There's the original NES game, the Game Boy game which is completely different, the arcade game, ports of the NES game for Mega Drive, Game Gear and Amiga, and soon the new one for Xbox One and PC. There's also a port of the NES game for Game Boy, but it's called "Battletoads in Ragnarok's World" while "Battletoads" on Game Boy is actually a different game. So that's four completely separate games all called "Battletoads" plus three ports of the NES game. Could be interesting.

  12. Awesome video, i never played the nes version but i did get to play the game boy one when i was a kid. Also got to play the remastered version on ps3.

  13. An offbeat arcade game only ported to the Game Boy… Quarth/Block Hole? If you're thinking of North America, that's certainly true about that particular game. 🙂

  14. It's Avenging Spirit, isn't it? Nevermind my other comment. lol

  15. Really looking forward to the Gameboys of Summer! This was great. Nice work, Joe!

  16. Another great episode Joe. Can't wait for the next episode of this series. Some ports on the GB are really not that bad. Killer Instinct, Donkey Kong, and the first two Battletoad ports is a perfect example and also cuz i love those games. Looking forward to what the next game is gonna be. So many options lol

  17. i was in the 7th grade when the gameboy came out in 1989. i bought it after a few months of asking my uncle. it was an AMAZING system because i loved the gameplay in super mario land. it actually felt like a real home console game in my hand instead of one of those simple game and watches.

  18. You missed a version. Ha ha. Actually I've never seen you do this before but you always could if you wanted to. There was Ducktales game for the Tiger electronics.

  19. That was one very informative and straightforward video concerning the history of the game boy and gaming in general and more than made up for the fact that there weren't that many differences between the ports to talk about in general. Also is it just me or did you sort of imply in your lukewarm tone that things for Nintendo weren't quite as hot in Europe?

  20. Nice video again Joe.
    I love the NES game. And although many people feel the moon is the best track of the music, for me I don’t agree.
    Surely it is epic and it has a heroic feel. But for me the Amazon has always been the better. Even just by a slight difference.

    Anyway, Great video. Always a pleaser to hear you, you are not pretending to be overly nice or anything. I think you are just you.
    Look forward to any videos coming

  21. who would thumb this down? this was a great editorial on a classic game

  22. This was a fun episode to catch up on, as I always find GB games intriguing. Eager to see the next few parts in this series, and now I kinda want to see a comparison between Ducktales 2 NES/GB since it made me wonder if they improved the flaws of GB1

  23. Most interesting are your episodes about the same system and the same name, like the ones you did on ninja gaiden 3 or castlevania 3. I had no idea and am eager to play their japanese counterparts now. Did you cover other nes games like that?

  24. ducktales one of my fav when i was a child and to this day but i feel bad for the part 2 not alot of people know about it i mean yea they know now but back then it was very rare just like chip and dale 2 i loved the disney after noon cartoons

  25. I love DT:Remastered, and this. really everything about the Ducktales games.

  26. Honestly I get your criticism of the GB moon theme, but DuckTales GB was my only exposure to the game for years. And when I tried the NES game years later, I was thrown by having to press DOWN and the pogo button… whereas I never had to on the Game Boy. Maybe it’s just me?

  27. But the sprites didint look redrawn. They are still too big and its still zoomed because of that. If they die redrawn they would have lost so much details because of the lower res. No all is still too big for the low gb res. I think almost all "ports" have this flaw. The batman sunsoft game is a totally different game than the nes masterpiece. I think the route sunsoft took is the right one. As for smw1 i think it fits the screen much better than smw2. Far too big mario sprites and all. Somehow they can not manage to make you feel exploring a big world just because of the big sprites

  28. Cool video, but… Bruh! That tank top though!

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