Same Name, Different Game: Battle Arena Toshinden (feat. Boyographic) Game Boys of Summer Finale -

Same Name, Different Game: Battle Arena Toshinden (feat. Boyographic) Game Boys of Summer Finale

Same Name, Different Game
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Joe looks at the PS1 and Game Boy versions of Battle Arena Toshinden while discussing the videogame landscape of the mid-’90s. Special guest Mat Boyle stops by to discuss the Game Boy legacy.

GB footage captured from a Super Nt and Super Game Boy 2, PS1 footage captured from a US PS2 running component video to a Framemeister.

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  1. I remember this being one of the first games I got on my gameboy pocket , I need to buy this again…. Also a gameboy to play it on since I don’t have one anymore

  2. Pretty sure Capcom made an arcade machine of this

  3. Nice Video, like always =) My backlight modded Gameboy with an "Everdrive X7" and it´s Save States were one of the best purchases regarding my nostalgia in a long time…loving the little grey guy

  4. Doesn't really surprise me that the Gameboy version plays better. I found the Genesis version of Virtua Fighter 2 to be the same way. The first few Virtua Fighter games have such ridiculous floaty, underwater physics that it felt nice playing one without it.

  5. I loved Takara's Ports of neo geo games to the GB

  6. Always hated Toshinden outside of the character designs, which are still pretty cool. Playing with friends was pretty much nothing but constantly dodging and trying to smack each other then dodging some more. We shelved this as soon as we got copies of Tekken and Street fighter alpha. Making it a 2D fighter on the game boy is an obvious improvement. Wish they had made a 2D console game with these characters.

  7. what a perfect way to top off my vacay

  8. Joe, why are the Chat Replay's timestamps so far apart?

  9. You ain't wrong about the PS1 game. It benefitted from being one of the better early 3D games and was so impressive at the time. Other games did it better eventually though. Last time I played it it certainly felt clunky. Not Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi clunky, but still a bit rough. That GB port looks rad though. Quite like those chibi fighter games. Had a couple like that on the Neo Geo Pocket. Good stuff and a good way to close out the Gameboys of Summer.

  10. Yea, they were good games for the era. But time has not been to kind to the Toshinden series.

  11. Interesting! Is all this jet mode goodness still available on the pal version?

  12. lol how are you able to say senran kagura with a straight face

  13. I own the PlayStation version of Battle Arena Toshinden. and it's awesome. Oh BTW I like your reference to Don Henley's "The Boys of Summer".

  14. You should do Donkey Kong (arcade) vs Donkey Kong (Gameboy) just for fun.

  15. This game was amazing back in the day. An incredible conversion that is very underrated.

  16. The history section is always my favourite part of your videos, I always learn something and its always interesting. Plus it shows that you have actually have knowledge and do some research into your subject unlike many gaming channels. You and Kim Justice are always my go to retro gaming channels for quality, informative content!

  17. Thanks for the awesome video. While Toshinden is far from my favorite fighting game I respect it for what it is. I would rather play it any day over Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi.

  18. I don't care what people say, I still love the PS1 version of Toshinden. And Toshinden GB is the best fighting game the handheld has to offer, bar none.

  19. The only time I've played a Toshinden (and I'm not sure which one even) was on a demo kiosk while my parents were shopping. I managed to beat the arcade mode in that amount of time.

  20. Great video Joe! I loved this episode, cuz i love this series. I have the GB version of BA Toshinden. And to be honest, i LOVE this port. Reminds me of Capcom vs snk on wonder swan. Very tight controls and it's pretty damn fun for a GB fighting game. Its one of my faves on the portable, next to MK II and Killer Instinct.

  21. I never even heard of this game until I got the psx classic mini and I am a huge fighting game fan

  22. Battle Arena Toshinden's music has aged like fine wine. So good! 😀😎

  23. Awesome work as always Joe! I remember reading the coverage of the GameBoy versions of BAT and KOF within a few months of each other and being surprised they were able to pack a decent looking fighter on the GB. Loved the history on here, and I was going to say the 32X version of Virtua Figher for first 3D console fightger snuck out before this but upon fact-checking I saw it hit a month later. That was a surprisingly good version of VF. Your vid though makes me want to give the GB and even the psone version of BAT a shot.

  24. I'm glad the edge went to the Game Boy version. That was the best version and also the first one I had ever played.

  25. Great video Joe! And a gem of a GB game to end your Game Boys of Summer with. Really the only memory I have of Toshinden was playing the original in KB Toys and being amazed, but the clunkiness is really apparent now in replaying it. You nailed it, the Game Boy game is super impressive and the PS1 is just kind of painful to go back to.

  26. Trivia: At the end of the Battle Arena Toshinden episode; Joe says 'see ya then', the verbage and cadence a obvious reference to Ghostbusters 2 when Peter Venkman signs off from 'The World of the Psychic'.

  27. Toshiden 3 was my favorite it had that Micheal Jackson like character

  28. Great episode. Damn I wish you could have had the Saturn port of Toshinden in this video as well. It was basically a "directors cut" of sorts of part 1 as it had new exclusive modes, new exclusive characters, new exclusive moves, new exclusive outfits, new exclusive cutscenes, new exclusive levels, etc. Same with Battle Arena Toshinden URA on the Saturn a.k.a Battle Arena Toshinden 2.

  29. I thought I was the only one who really enjoyed the Gameboy version of this game! Great Video!!!

  30. Gaia's music in BAT is legendary. I remember getting the Game Boy version first, then Remix on the Saturn, and the difference in quality was night and day (with the Game Boy coming out on top). The only thing that kept my brothers and I playing the console version was the hilarious voice acting. It's beautiful.

  31. As a PC player today who started out on consoles, Tohshinden has one significant impact on me: it's what got me to blow my Christmas and birthday money on freaking 3DFX Voodoo and NVidia GeForce.
    I've talked to PC players today and they didn't even know you could run multi-graphics using two different types of graphics chips apart from old AMD gaming laptops with Crossfire (and the battery's dead in half an hour if you actually try to play even Starcraft on it).
    On the upside, when I got Quake II, wow, it sure looked stunning.

  32. Even back then I knew it was a bit poor, graphics where not great and tekken was just around the corner, I really liked the music but I was used to 3D arcade 60fps fighters

  33. Hearing you talk about the first time you played Toshinden really helped to put the game into perspective for me. I tried it for the first time recently and, while I turned it off pretty quick, I figured that it was probably fine for the time it came out. Your experience shows me that not only was it fine for that time, but it was even impressive. Game Boy ports are also always of interest to me, especially with an art style as adorable as this one, so I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

  34. You are way way off base when it comes to your sales figures. "Moved more units then every home console of the previous generations combined." I'd love to hear your math and rationalization on this..

  35. you wanna read this, it's hilarious: the ps1 version was flawed. i remember playing that girl with the knife. after I won a round she did her win pose where she spins around. she was on a edge of the level and spinned into a ring out. I'm not kidding. i lost one round while winning one!

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