RUMOR: Game Boy & GBC Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online Soon -

RUMOR: Game Boy & GBC Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online Soon

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A rumor suggests that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are headed to Nintendo Switch Online “very soon.”

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  1. I'll believe it when I see it, but I sure as heck won't hold my breath.

    I seriously don't believe it'll happen ever. Sorry to be a party pooper.

  2. It’d be cool if they used the Super Game Boy interface with the Game Boy games if they do come to Switch…

  3. who even cares anymore honestly, just pirate it since Nintendo has been playing so many games.

  4. All I care is that if sonic advance 12&3 and sonic battle come to it
    That would be awesome

  5. If it’s true, then this could probably be the first time that a GTA game would be on the Switch.

  6. I hope this is true. there are so many obscure handheld titles that I would actually want to try out. Also, this would be the perfect opportunity to finally bring back oracle of ages and seasons.

  7. gameboy advance is too advanced for them I suppose

  8. I would love to see the Game Boy Pokémon games returning to the Switch for Nintendo Switch Online because I always wanted to play the older Pokémon games ever since I heard people saying that the games are good.

  9. lol. This isn't anything new. These so called rumors had been floating around for years.

  10. If this does come true, one thing's for sure. That trailer is getting reuploaded again.

  11. Super Mario land 2 is one of the best side scrolling Mario games so I hope this is true.

  12. PLEASEEEEEE I want to play 6 golden coins on switch

  13. I'm kinda half and half when it comes to if this rumor is true or not, but I would love to play Super Mario Land 2 on the Switch

  14. I don’t have a GBA a mob Nintendo, give me the GBA instead of just Game Boy and Game Boy Color

  15. I could believe GB and GBC. But honestly what we all want is GBA but Nintendo's prob not gonna give because we can still buy those on Wii U 🙄. I just want my Metroids on swiiiiiiiitchhhhh

  16. Bloomberg: better specs, upgraded hardwares
    Reality: OLED screen and a fucking LAN port

    Can we really trust this?

  17. this could be either a goodthing or a bad thing for us indie devs who specializes in gameboy homebres. i hope this sparks a new platform to actively contribute our games to the mainstream audience

  18. A GBA and N64 are the libraries people would appreciate the most. But their relative recency means that re-releases are more relevant for those machines so it’s unlikely to happen…

  19. Hopefully, Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal all come over!

  20. Call me when they add GameBoy Advance games 🥱

  21. I hope for game boy advance because it has Mario Luigi super star saga and warioware inc and I miss the rpg’s and wario ware for people who miss the old games

  22. 【𝕀𝕔𝕖𝔹𝕝𝕦𝕖ℂ𝕒𝕥】 says:

    No game boy advance coming? But… mother 3… aww

  23. Now that I think about it nintendo would also realese Gameboy controlers for the switch if this happens, that would be so stupid that I would love it.

  24. If this actually comes I will be downloading it the millisecond it releases

  25. It would be a huge missed opportunity for Nintendo to NOT have GBA games as an online service, considering that the Switch LITERALLY looks like a much more advanced (No pun intended) Gameboy Advance

  26. Yaaawn gba and n64 please. Then they wonder why people pirate their stuff. Also why no menu themes like the 3ds. Just feels like were going backwards in a few things.

  27. I hope they have Metroid 2 and metal gear solid or ghost babel as it’s called in Japan for the GBC

  28. I Hope 🤞🏾 we can get a Game Boy and Game Boy Color Coming To the Nintendo Switch Online very soon 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😉😉😉.

  29. I hope they have the Pokémon games on their that would be so awesome

  30. Iwata’s death was planned by Nintendo.

  31. Iago Benedictis Campos Neto de Mahgalhães Vieira says:

    If this is true, it is likely that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games will be played on the Nintendo Switch only in portable mode. This is just a theory.

  32. Iago Benedictis Campos Neto de Mahgalhães Vieira says:

    I doubt that will happen. All of this will be denied by Nintendo.

  33. For anyone who already modded their switch I'm pretty sure this news is pretty uninteresting lmao

  34. Just finished Metroid & Super Metroid and am now playing Samus Returns. They better have Fusion available soon because I wanna be prepared!

  35. golf clap as I can't imagine one fucking GB game I would want to play on Switch

  36. Don’t get too excited. They’ll most likely just put mostly crappy games on there that no one wants just like what they did with NES/SNES

  37. Dude, where's my GBA titles on Switch. As Sonic said, I have no idea.

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