roblox Games that boys don't play... -

roblox Games that boys don’t play…

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  1. even though i played 2 games in this list im offended

  2. these are far from accurate I’ve seen tons of boys play these kind of games

  3. Asshole I Have Played Some Of These Before. U Dumb.

  4. I’m a boy and I play all of them

  5. am I suppose to be concerned
    mom am I actually a boy? ?

  6. I do not like you, I don't like you, I don't like you, I don't like you, I don't like you, I don't like you, I don't like you, I don't like you

  7. Boys can play adopt me too ❤
    And royal high school too!

  8. I’ve seen many boys play all of them mainly adopt me and royal high but kinda fashion famous

  9. Bruh adopt me there’s a million boys

  10. 100% fact the first one and second one but the last one is not fact

  11. What us boys do play: arsenal, dday, jailbreak, bedwars, skywars, islands, airplane simulator, soccer legends, touch football, football fusion, vehicle legends, car crushers, cart ride (variety of them), Arabic fortnite, naval warfare, entrenched, dday overlord, trench battles, trench war, fifa world cup, PSX (pet simulator x), prison life, legends of speed, ninja legends, ninja legends 2, muscle legends, MM2, survive the killer, sharkbite 1, sharkbite 2, race clicker (variety of them), FNF, big paintball, war simulator, war tycoon, military tycoon, red light, green light, hexa games, squid games, natural disaster survival, pls donate, the floor is lava, boxing beta, blox fruits, break in story, the wild west, westbound, talent show, doors, rooms, energy assault, Apeirophobia, the presentation experienced, shindo life (also other anime games), ZO samurai, stromgman simulator, rainbow friends and lastly sonic speed simulator



  12. I've seen
    10 boys in fashion famous
    30 boys in royale high
    And 1B boys in adopt me

  13. Videos that prove youre sexist if you agree with them!!

  14. well yes but adopt me is prob the most popular so it has a ton of boys

  15. seething alot a biys un adopt me and then watch this me: WHAT (im not a hater ok)

  16. I’ve seen so many boys play adopt me that if you actually think boys don’t play these games you’re stupid and if you don’t believe me I even have a brother and he plays adopt me so much so yeah #Stopthistrend and shut up

  17. Uhm so one thing my friend he used to play roblox but he quit AND HE WAS OBSESSED WITH ADOPT ME he would play 24/7

  18. How to I time travel because if I could I wouldn't click on this video to waste my time on some fake news please god bring back my 30 seconds of my life and #stopthistrend

  19. *jake has died*
    *my whole contacts list has died*
    *adopt me ytbers have died*
    *others contacts have died*
    *the one guy who like rh more than me during 2018 has died*

  20. But I see a boy in royale high and adopt GET A BRAIN AND LOOk At tHe genDer

  21. People are so sexist, oh boys don’t play adopt me oh boys don’t play fashion famous, YES WE DO!

  22. Royal high ( actual Jake's) fashion famous ( male section of clothing)

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