REYKO - Your Game (From "Toy Boy" Series) -

REYKO – Your Game (From “Toy Boy” Series)

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  1. It is impossible for reyko to make a song that does not hype you

  2. Gracias a toy boy descubrí a reyko pero con todas canciones me dejaron así 🤯

  3. Best song in the Toy Boy series! The emotion captivates us especially when Andrea and Jairo offer themselves to love in its purest form.

  4. Viciado neste grupo neste grupo e nesta série top demais

  5. Spinning over you of you make me love u, we love your😘

  6. Acabo de terminar de ver Amar y vivir, y Cobra kai… escuche ESTA cancion ayer y siento como que las 2 series estan conectadas, me gusta la cancion, cuando muere chacha me imagino esta cancion, cuando Miguel se lesiona me imagino esta cancion, buena cancion

  7. Esta música te burla la cabeza me encanta 😃😃

  8. Toy boy lo máximo al igual que la música enserio, desde Peru RAAA

  9. So sweet so nice! Great serie & soundtrack 😍

  10. Elías :D Dani está muy linda tu foto de Dani bebé says:


  11. The rhythm and the whispering tone of the singer talks right into me . Amazing!

  12. En 2 dias la termine y no puedo creer el final de la primera temporada solo se que la vieja roja lo sabe todo…

  13. The Best Song 😍🔥 Quien la escucha en Febrero 18 del 2021? 🙋🏼‍♀️

  14. Essa música es foda kkkkk

  15. Da coração pra min por favor essa música e espetacular

  16. Yo quiero que den una 2 temporada de toy voy

  17. Estas rolas me ponen hot
    Jaja ok ya!

  18. Hugo and Triana literally have zero chemistry, and their love are bored as hell. I watch this series just bc i want to know who is the murderer, and emotion between the gay couple seem to be better though i'm straight and rarely into gay stuff but still have to admit that their love more real than the main cp and they don't even need hot, sex, nudity scenes to make their relashionship looks more real, only two soft kisses and hold hand in the whole series, or maybe their acting skill are better.

  19. increible el ingles con el español buena musica

  20. Toy Boy is in my heart and I’m still waiting for the next seasons💣💣💣 this song is…killin m e

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