RetroN Sq Game Boy Review - the Good & the Bad -

RetroN Sq Game Boy Review – the Good & the Bad

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Review of the Hyperkin RetroN Sq clone console. This system plays Game Boy, Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance games… kinda. At $75, some compromises have been made to resolution, aspect ratio and performance. More info:


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** DISCLAIMER: A review unit was provided to me, however nobody paid me for this video, nobody reviewed my video before release and all of the opinions are my own **


  1. There's a newest update V1.2! They improved the Framerate and the Aspect Ratio for the GBA games. It plays much better without lag, blurring, etc. How do you add cheats for the Hyperkin Game Boy?

  2. Woo-hoo great news for anyone who are still not convinced on giving the sq a chance. I recently receiving mine in the mail, Hyperkin has update there firmware for the sq to download onto the mini SD card. The gameboy advance feature is working clear, smooth and definently worth the 75 bucks 😀

  3. Honestly nothing seems to work… what is the best way to play These 3 consoles on your tv? Besides getting a gamecube with a gameboy player. I would really appreciate it to know

  4. tried pokemon emerald, Mario bros super star saga, prisoner of Azkaban, chamber of secrets. can't make a save file on ANY OF THOSE RPGS.. literally wasted like 200$ between the games and the system. they better fix that issue soon

  5. I wish they made an option to support wireless controllers

  6. please re-review there are now hacks and other OSs that work on this, if you double check it and it checks out, and you approve, I will be running to buy one

  7. It blows my mind that I can buy a $30 handheld off Aliexpress that plays NES to PSX ad every console in between flawlessly, but Retron can't get GBA emulation right. Is it because they are developing a new emulator from scratch? Also, why make a "Game Boy series" Player, and not have the aspect ratios right?

  8. actually, the licencing issues with the Retron5 were also with Open Source software, basically they used emulators that said they were free for personal use, but if you wanted to use them in a commercial product, you needed to negotiate a license to do so, and they didn't do that, as well as tried to hide that they were using someone else's code to make themselves tons of money. anyway, this is a cool concept for a product, but actually, i think you could probably just barely build your own soon with better features and better compatability using something like the GB Operator, a Raspberry Pi 0, and a cheap controller, and have it come to around the same price.

  9. I just got my Sq and love it but I have ran into issues with a few GBA games, so far I am having issues with Mario Golf and Minish Cap.

    Mario Golf loads the title screen and the menu you, but quickly crashes from that point on with the message NORMMATT in the nintendo style logo pop up while metallic noise comes out my tv.

    Minish Cap loads but quickly lets me know that all save files are corrupt. I plugged my game back into a GBA and they were fine and played. My issue with the file dumping the system does; if its the game I have to reformat the SD card to try a new cartridge, there by losing all my save files.

    Can anyone confirm they are having similar issues with these games or any others?

  10. Can you do a review of the super console x pro emulator it has over 50,000 games (over 4,000 commodore 64 on it)wink wink

  11. I did the 1.2 firmware update, and now GBAs seem to be working at normal speed. Though I can't verify that personally. the GBA games I own seem to all be working with the exception of Ms. Pac-Man's Maze Madness, which freezes shortly after the title screen.

  12. for the price it’s not that bad but I rather buy a gba opp cuss you can run mods

  13. When you say they run the actual physical games what do you mean? It doesn't do that. It runs a ripped ROM, that's not running the cartridge…

  14. Okay but can it link with another sq square ? Come on , why they left the link out , just imagine those cartridges working together, yeah 😎! Oh and can they make the link wireless, we also need a better picture , get to it , lol . Oh no is jaagy!

  15. I feel a missed opportunity is link cable play.

  16. Thanks for your review. I just bought one for a project with some friends. I’ll be uploading a review myself for the product. I’m super easy to please and optimistic but, this isn’t looking too great for me haha

  17. Currently I’m seeing the Sq at the same price if not more than the 5.

  18. How does it handle enhanced gbc game? Also can it play reissues from limited run games?

  19. Just went in to my local game Xchange and saw these. They all had a sticker on the front saying firmware update for GBA. Is everything good to go now?

  20. so close, except i don't want an emulation, i want it to play from the actual cartridge and save back to it.

  21. Does the “new” Retron 5 Special Edition use the old GBA emulation or the one the SQ uses? Thank you!

  22. Have you tried the new update? It makes allot of difference in GBA games!!!

  23. Bought one a couple months ago and it looks like it’s fixed not a lot of options just plug and play and it works🤙🏻

  24. I love hyperkin was but price point is way too high. Should be like 40 bucks… 50 tops

  25. Let's hope they made a DS, 3ds and new 3ds version as well in the feature. Not a big gameboy fan but I love DS

  26. HOW DID YOU EVEN FIND ONE INCOMPATIBLE GAME? You must have a near complete US GB library.

  27. I suspect that the actual reason that flash cartridges don't work on these devices is down to the nature of software emulators and, more specifically, how these devices work.

    Even if you dump the rom of an Everdrive, how would the software emulator then interface with the hardware in the actual Everdrive cartridge? It wouldn't and I can't imagine anyone would waste time trying to make a software emulator actually load a dumped Everdrive rom in the first place. What point would there be in that? Lol.

    The "We only support running authentic game cartridges" line, while technically true, is also irrelevant to flash cartridges, since it wouldn't work in the first place.

  28. I'm surprised that we can now play only Gameboy (classic/color/advanced) games. I hope soon we can play DS games.

  29. I’m so glad I watched this review.. I think I’ll go with the retron 5

  30. Thx for the review, so I decided don't buy it, just for the GBA issue. It's a shame, cuz it is a pretty product.

  31. I ordered it and was very disappointed.
    Didn't read any documents or reviews about it.
    I expected it to have more fuctions and the fact that you can't change the color palette for the Game Boy really disappoints me.
    The emulation was good though. However, some of my Game Boy Advance games didn't work.
    What really disappointed me is that the Retron Sq doesn't save the game progress in the game cartridge. The save data is in the Retron Sq itself. This was the main reason I wanted it: to be able to swap my cartridge between my Retron Sq and my Game Boy Advance.

    As this point I'd rather choose an emulator. It will do exactly the same, if not better.

  32. You should edit to show that they have updated their firmware for the Gameboy advance compatibility

  33. I have the updated firmware version and it looks better and plays great.

  34. thank you so much for this video, I have been trying to decide which way to go, this product or the game boy player, I think its would be much better to get the game boy player and get Swiss software

  35. I love this things astetic if your playing a gba game like pokemon is the frame rate still as noticeable?

  36. Have you ever reviewed a GB Operator from Epilogue yet? Cool little device.

  37. why did they include an snes controller lmao at least two whole buttons will not do anything

  38. Was only going to buy this to use everdrive on my tv, cheers for reviewing that part. Would've sucks throwing 75$ down the poop chute.

  39. to bad the GBA support was not good, i liked the shape n' Size and the controller it comes with, need to get a new Retron 5 then.

  40. Would you recommend getting the Retron 5 instead? If I wanna play all game boy games smoothly?

  41. Darn this looks promising but unable to play gba games clear, I will pass. Thanks for the review 🙏🏽

  42. Once again a good video. Very informative 👍💣🔥

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