Retro FC Game Boy MIni China Clone | 168 Games in 1 8-bit System -

Retro FC Game Boy MIni China Clone | 168 Games in 1 8-bit System

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  1. I got one for 5 bucks but mine is 400 in 1

  2. Is there a TETRIS game? I haven`t seen it in the video…

  3. Was going to get one until I found out you can’t save.. rather not start from level 1 on Mario every time

  4. Hey nice vids check out my new retro gaming channel and let me know what you think!

  5. Hi sir, just wanna ask if you can play it in 2 players? You know, like Contra… Well, If not… ….
    WHY am I the only one worrying that you can't play it with your buddy??????

  6. The only consoles i have is the psp and that

  7. 😀 I just love all your handheld review vids

  8. Hi sir its very usefull for childerns.I required two packs where i purchased and plz how much price in pakistani cruncceis

  9. could you rip the guts out of it and chuck in a pi zero?

  10. Thanks for this video. So cool and rich of Informations.

  11. I bought this and its actually really cool in my opinion

  12. Good work. Please visit to my chanel. Thanks

  13. I bought the FC280 model with a transparent green case for only £15 (inc P&P) a couple of months ago. It's identical in design to the one you featured except that it has 400 game rather than 168. I have to say that, for the money, you really can't go wrong with these handhelds as the build quality is very decent, and the sound is very good, too. The emulation is absolutely fine….but the best thing, in my opinion, is the quality of the display panel as it's sharper and more colourful than I expected from cheap, imported goods. If anyone's interested, these handhelds are well worth the money. Anyway, thanks for another great review, Mr. WGC…even if it is a year old, lol! 😉

  14. i had the old version and played it so much i knackered the thing

  15. Does anyone knows a cheap handheld console like that which has Pokemon 🙁

  16. I bough this one, but the one that ive got is the one that have sup logo? Is is just the same with this?

  17. Question! does can this support head to head with the other Sup with the 400 build ins?

  18. only drop back is it doesnt have 30 lifes of contra. deal breaker for me.

  19. Why the chinese 8bit handhelds are always from Famicom and not from sega master system or mega drive?

  20. This is the gameboy clone that was bootlegged into the SUP 400 in 1, right?

  21. How was it on the tv and what controllers can you use??

  22. I have this handheld. The d-pad is just too squishy to me. It has no central pivot at all!

  23. Lol I bought the 400 game one for $10 Canadian and this thing made me laugh so hard especially with mario 14

  24. I got one of these 2 to 3 years ago, and the battery lasts a long time, it has various Mario games, donkey Kong, reskined, PAC-Man, and other really fun games! None of them are repeated, and only 2 of them don’t work. This is actually pretty nice.

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