Restoration Old Nintendo gameboy advance | Restoring Game Boy Advance GBA -

Restoration Old Nintendo gameboy advance | Restoring Game Boy Advance GBA

Restoration VR
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Restoration Old Nintendo gameboy advance | Restoring Game Boy Advance GBA
……………………Restoration VR………………….
I founded the youtube channel with passion. Many rusted or broken metal tools are often discarded if not restored. Look forward to your support of my channel. Many tools will be reused for reuse. It is simply sharing skills, or simply entertainment videos. Thank you
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  1. Я радиомеханик и представляю , как окисляются радиодетали . К сожалению – это не электроника из СССР .Я не верю в такую реставрацию . Так как у меня маленький сын обслюнявил телефон и плата накрылась медным тазом.Чудес не бывает .

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  3. Que dios te bendiga 🙏😇🙏😇🙏🙏😇🙏🙏😇

  4. Eu achei superlegal seu videos vc concerta por encomenda os aparelho game taves mndava um p concerto

  5. Más falso que el amor de ella, cuando han visto que al plástico se le forme oxido?

  6. THANK YOU!!! I am learning so many clever short-cuts for restoring things. Now just got to go digging in some gutters and hope to find a Nintendo Switch

  7. FAKE gameboy advance its made of plastic not medal so why is there rust?

  8. Si fake !!! Falso falsoooo completamente falso el estado en que está la consola

  9. How about restore your relationship with your dad

  10. This just looks gross. I don’t understand why there was a need to paint it.

  11. Make your life easier and smarter with the Xiniji smartwatch.

  12. Ahaha did he just wash the motherboard with water and soap 😀😀😀 By the way, I am really jealous of his rich neighbors keep throwing game consoles around 🥹

  13. Aku mau gemboy kak aku sejak dulu mau tapi gak dibeliin padahal yg di beliin mainan adek terus 😔😔


  15. 그냥하나사라 구라치지말고 ㅎㅎㅎ

  16. A única explicação cabível é ter colocado uma placa nova

  17. I don't want to be a hater but I think that's not restoring

  18. ei cara que diabo de barulho ai atras doido e um macaco

  19. mano tudo bem tu conserta mais como q tu vai joga o jogo abestado

  20. As someone who works with electronics there is no way that ribbon cable or lcd would have no damage but still like the video 👍🏾

  21. مع تايد للغسيل، مافي مستحيل

  22. Well, the first thing you had to do when you wanted to clean it was to disassemble it and that's why it didn't turn on, well, also because the components no longer worked and you had to buy new components.

  23. One man's broken Nintendo is one man's youtube idea

  24. Damn this videos sure are great for sheep.

  25. Kinda odd and cringe i dont see any negative comments calling out the fake ness of this video, and how only positive comments are liked by the channel

  26. é falso o vídeo, ele só pintou a carcaça, o resto foi substituído, quem conhece o console sabe dos padrões das peças, sem contar na placa q tava submersa e mesmo assim funcionando kkkkkj

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