Restoration Game Sony PSP 1000 football OLD | Restoring handheld games BOY -

Restoration Game Sony PSP 1000 football OLD | Restoring handheld games BOY

Restoration And Metal
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Restoration Game Sony PSP 1000 football OLD | Restoring handheld games BOY
Welcome to Restoration And Metal. In this video is a restoration of the Sony PSP 1000 football game console, the 2011 version was released so long ago, but the excellent handheld game console rocked the mini game world. I found a sony machine to restore it was very difficult and tried I had to buy a battery and a game memory card to make it work. I tried kicking a soccer game that was the match between him and italia the real result. Italy won by surprise
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  1. В тазике помыть её забыл

  2. Если говорить по-русски, то пиздешь

  3. Let's buy a broken psp, cover it with mud and repair it again…

  4. Anyone here from the guitar video

    This wasn't england vs italy

  5. can you play fortnite and robloxs oh the x box portible

  6. Can you please restore a broken psp and give it to me

  7. Quả máy chơi game quá là thần thánh !

  8. Good job restoring but I don't buy the "found it in the trash" thing so you can just skip that BS.

  9. не реальный ремонт, а постановы одни

  10. Thats a China Clone console.
    Sony had no access to the battery and also Sony did not use normal SD Cards, they used their own Memory Stick Duo M2. Even the Vita didn't use SD Cards.

  11. Hey. I have been looking for that. I dropped it while I was going through that area. I was a present from my uncle Don Vito Corleone. He passed away in his garden playing with you grandson. 😢. I have such fond memories of dear uncle Vito. That psp was the last gift from him. 😭😢😥😰😥😢😭

  12. Perfeito top demais o trabalho parabéns

  13. Мдааааа😂😂😂 таким паяльником лучше бы себе руки прижог что бы не заниматься подобным нае…вом людей.

  14. it s scandalous its trash cans in nature c what is country ….

  15. Well i can fix a psp 3000 the 2000 and the 1000 is hard to learn

  16. Pra mim foi colocado essas coisas pra ele já ter as peças prontas

  17. can i punch the Kids hard to giev them a real reason to scream? No offens but screaming little kids make me so angry…. especaly in videos were they shuldnt be in….. Its a restoration Video not a Kindergarden Video

  18. Esa consola la estropeaste tu para hacer el video

  19. only impressed with psp case. where can i buy like that?

  20. Has anyone mentioned the dump, because I think it's crazy af 😓

  21. Bro I have there bro plzz my psp also restore plzzz

  22. Bro I have 3 psps plzz .give me reply bro plzz. I support bro plzz .I love so much psps

  23. 哪里的垃圾堆 还有 PSP? 我也想去淘淘看。

  24. Ths working one they wantedly throw and pick it and tell restoration 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. My psp ther bro you take and repair bro plzz ..tell me bro

  26. Cartão novo já tinha jogos.. hum 🤔🤔 tem passou os jogos..

  27. Now this is tutorial how to fix your own old psp

  28. Yo tenia 1 (PSP 100) no 1.000 🙄

  29. WTF éso fue impresionante

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