Repairing a DEAD Game Boy Pocket [Part 1] -

Repairing a DEAD Game Boy Pocket [Part 1]

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And then they realised, they were no longer Game Boys: they were Game Men.

▶”Repairing” the silver Game Boy Pocket:

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▶Features the following videos

“Restoration and repair of a DEAD Game Boy Color” – MattKC

“Tech Quick Tip: Gameboy Advance Power Switch Repair!” – The Broken Past

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  1. I recently got a game boy pocket missing it’s switch (no clue how you even lose the switch) and this video saved me a lot of time of just realizing without an original switch I’m screwed so thanks for that

  2. I'm disappointed you didn't leave a bad review for the fake switch

  3. 6:16 ar u sure??? cuz the game boy pcb markings of "on «–» off" looks flipped to the replacement pcb switch

  4. the screen has as know as dead pixels this means the pixels are quimically frozen In one state
    just imagine a grid of containers with a weird liquid what gets electrically powered it gets solid, then the dead pixel are the stuck version of one of that states in this case activated

  5. LCD leak is the bane of so many communities… I've heard of people in the Tamgotchi community being able to sort of "push" the leak to the side, but no one's been able to completely get rid of it. I think once there's a leak, the screen is just permanently damaged.

  6. 6:26 look at "on"/"off" mark on the board pcb and on the switch pcb. that cant be good. 😀

  7. my old pokedex screen has the exact same problem and i have no idea what it is. its the most absolutely frsutrating thing… my theory is its some kind of liquid that reacted chemically with something to cause permanant damage but im iffy on that theory.

  8. “Retro“ doesnt mean old; that’s “classic.”
    Retro is something new that’s mean to emulate, or is inspired by something old.

  9. I don't remember the Video title. But Dave on the EEVBlog YouTube channel went into a lot of detail on LCDs. I believe he explains how that mark happens.

  10. could you have just 3d printed the outer switch part, not the switch itself, but the loose part that you move when it's assembled, doesn't look that hard to do

  11. I saw on end, that it's see-trough without polarizer. That means the inside polarizer was broken. And this also means, that the screean is dead, dead

  12. Those marks on the screen are marks from an impact when that impact on the screen happend it created dead pixels

  13. That screen glue is a nightmare! I did a backlight mod on my game boy pocket, and the only thing which would actually dissolve that glue was a solvent which had been discontinued due to being carcinogenic. So yeah, maybe I have cancer now but I saved myself 30 minutes. Worth it!

  14. I have similar markings on my original game boy screen

  15. I think that could have happened through some sort of force (whether accidental or an angry gamer) and would explain the pattern. It looks similar to what would happen if you press down on a calculator. The other possibility is that it warped due to a high heat source unless if the lens is made of glass then I guess the heat source was on there for a long time??

  16. You have two gameboy pocket one light one no light

  17. The game boy just came with conways game of life

  18. Wagner Ramos (MIDI Channel / Absolute Infinity) says:

    You can't pronounce VCC without making an E sound.
    Me: VC's.

  19. Isn't it weird how back then knowing a ton about computers and that would be considered a nerd but now you would be a legend

  20. Looked like leaking Liquid Crystal to me, but could've been some pressure damage.

  21. selever. favoite youtuber ME after terminated says:

    Game boy this is for no 666comments

  22. What? How does one get poopoo in their GB? Has Amber Heard owned a GB?

  23. Hei 3Dprint an adaptor after designing it! But refurbish it is the best

  24. "Cancer screen", that's the name for this black pixels. You can erase it pressing it in circles for hours. But don't works forever. Look for "Game Boy Cancer screen" to find videos about.

  25. hey Matt, a recommendation with braid: buy any type of flux and put it on the pad you're desoldering with the wick. Just trust me 🙂

  26. why does every game boy replace the Nintendo logo with a black square on the boot screen if no game is inserted?

  27. For this particular display, the crystal is supposed to straighten out when a voltage is applied. Since the polarizers on either side of the crystal layer are polarized at 90 degrees to each other, for light to pass through it has to be twisted by 90 degrees between going through the first filter and the second filter.

    The "light" portions of the screen are where the crystal is at rest in its twisted state, the "dark" portions are where the crystal has been straightened due to an applied voltage. The crystal will normally relax back to its twisted state, but it can also be permanently straightened out by a high enough voltage.

    The bits of crystal on those pixels became permanently untwisted due to over-voltaging. There was probably pressure applied to the screen while the gameboy was on, allowing voltage to leak across the electrodes in the array, delivering too much voltage to the crystal above those electrodes and damaging those bits of the crystal permanently. The pattern is from the moment at which that high voltage randomly leaked between segments of the electrode array.

    Sometimes you can massage the crystal and it will come out because you're sort of smooshing around portions of the liquid crystal so that enough of the undamaged crystal substance will be above each of the electrodes in the array to respond correctly to the voltages.

  28. Thank you for making restoration videos that have a voiceover and not just pure, ASMR style silence. I can't stand that shit.

  29. Ah yes, the Game Boy Color, have a Lime version at home, up and working!

  30. The way you talk sounds like Matthew from Downtown abbey haha

  31. "you can see the mark at some angles"
    Someone else has likely pointed this out already, but the reason this is, is because when light reflects off a flat surface it often gets polarized in some direction relative to that surface.

    That's why polarized sunglasses are recommended for people on boats (water surface).

  32. You were in recommendations and I’m hooked I csnt wait to tune in more

  33. Change de boulot et laisse les console tranquille, t'es pas doué c'est comme ça …

  34. My Pocket has some of that black stuff around the top edge. I'm kind of annoyed as it was perfectly fine less than a year ago and now it's got that, the sound stopped working and the start button requires more force than normal to register.

  35. Do you know anyone who will repair a original Gameboy I want to get my mom's original Gameboy fix and so it can continue to get passed down in the family

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