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Rare Game Boys From Japan — Some of the Oddest Special Edition Game Boy Consoles!

Kelsey Lewin
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There are SO many weird Game Boy special editions out there, especially in Japan. This is maybe 10% of them, so there’s many, many more I don’t have!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

A couple good resources for checking out all of the interesting special editions out there across all consoles:

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  1. Holy crud, I didn't know Kelsey had a channel! Awesome!

  2. "oh wow a GIRL that plays VIDEO GAMES! She's the hottest woman I've ever seen" – literally every idiot who comments on any video she's in

  3. Kelsey si me respondes este mensaje, ME SUSCRIBO!!! Tienes buen contenido, pero quiero saber si quiero saber si respondes a tus suscriptores 😉

  4. This is really neat. Its hard to preserve game history with all the IP hurdles and technical evolution. Thanks!

  5. Glad its not just me that collects nintendo handheld console colour variations. Interesting video 🙂

  6. Im going to japan la january… Gonna try to grab a bunch of them!
    Do you import or have any recommendations as to where is the Best place to find them? I've heard DenDen town in Osaka, is better than Akihabara, but as this would be my first time in Japan, im trying to gather as much information as I can.
    Thanks! Love this reviews

  7. Doesn't that little girl in persona 4 mention jusco? And sing that little song?

  8. Is your ass still hurting after the Metal Jesus sex party??

  9. This is the first time i've heard about these special editions gameboys. and this is only the top of the iceberg

  10. Hey kelsey. How does it feel to be such a young entrepeneur?

  11. Thanks for the info Kelsey. Japan has a ton of special edition systems, any chance you can show us the Dragon Quest LE's?

  12. That third generation pokemon gameboy looks super cool! I had the yellow pikachu one but not a rare lol. I also love your and Metal Jesus rocks work keep up the great videos.

  13. KELSEY!!!!…. I LOVE YOU!!!! (In a Gamer-to-Gamer type of way lol!) You are one of my #1 references when it comes to buying games for certain systems! (the other two are MetalJesusRocks and RadicalReggie). Plus, I can stare at your anime eyes and listen to you talk about games forever. I appreciate anyone who has the passion to game, and you my friend have got it in abundance!!! POWER TO THE GAMERS!!!

  14. There are so many more Japanese exclusive game boys. Can't wait for another video, I'd love to hear about the Tezuka Osamu World Shop Game Boy Lights.

  15. But…Do you stand on a box in your own videos ?_o

  16. Not sure if I'm more blown away with ur knowledge or beauty

  17. do more fucking videos please omg cry cry :((

  18. Those are awesome game boys. very cool. 😎

  19. I can't wait to see more videos from Kelsey. You are by far my favorite guest on Metal Jesus Rocks because you know a lot about games and obviously because you're beautiful. Keep up the good work!

  20. It would be awesome to see you do a collab video with some of the gameboy modders community on instagram like deadpanrobot, 8bitaesthetics, retrogamingnow, etc. They make some amazing gameboy mods as well as other handhelds and consoles.

  21. Shes very cute and gorgeous, awsome videos!!

  22. Kelcey do you demand Patreon credits to reply to a comment like Metal Jesus? I love Metal Jesus and would kill to run my fingers through his long brown flowing hair, but that would cost maybe a $100 per month on Patreon! I love me some Metal Jesus and his videos, but he never talks to anyone anymore! Love your channel to Kelce, just keep it real and send the fans a little love sometime without them having to pay for affection….that will destroy you eventually! Cheers, and MetalJesus, please do another ram jam video with Kelcey!

  23. Seriously, no Gameboy Light? That was a Japanese exclusive one and is pretty rare.


  25. Can you upload more because you are boo

  26. Love your videos and the ones you do with MetalJesus.

  27. I love the Hello Kitty one. I'm off to search for one!

  28. I have heard that the Daiei Hawks Orange N64 is like the 2nd or 3rd most valuable N64 console in existence. It looks so cool.

  29. I am super impressed with this review because i dont know anyone else who talks about this.

  30. Super cool – that Emerald green gameboy is awesome.

  31. Awesome! I scored a copy of yu yu hakusho tactics and prehistoric man for the gba today. Pretty excited

  32. The emeral Toys R Us gameboy, looks like beemo

  33. I found your channel today and I love the history and details you put in your videos!

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