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Rare Game Boys From Japan — Some of the Oddest Special Edition Game Boy Consoles!

Kelsey Lewin
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There are SO many weird Game Boy special editions out there, especially in Japan. This is maybe 10% of them, so there’s many, many more I don’t have!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

A couple good resources for checking out all of the interesting special editions out there across all consoles:

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  1. the VRVGE is pretty awesome too! its a new expo but its getting better year by year lol

  2. I have a rare(ish) UK Gameboy Classic a red “Play It Loud” with MUFC branding. Would you ever cover European exclusive designs like that?

  3. Very well researched, professional, and interesting stuff! I can definitely see this channel becoming even more popular in the future.

  4. that tshirt was on sale at uniclo in japan not long ago. you live in japan?

  5. there is also a famitsu gameboy only released in japan, saw it a few times but too pricy for me. check it out

  6. @Kelsey Lewin – I remember my first Gameboy back in 1989… my addiction to Tetris started. ::chuckles:: I purchased the Gameboy color in 1998 (clear purple), but mine didn't have Mario on both corners of the screen, it was just a regular screen. I had a carrying case where I could keep and protect the Gameboy and there was enough room for about 5 games. Tetris and Super Mario Land were my favorites. Going from Tiger and Konami electronic hand held games to a Nintendo Gameboy was like night and day. I had my Gameboy for 9 years. I had my color for 5 years. I took very good care of them. I've had my Xbox 360 for 9 years now. This Summer I did have to replace the entire DVD drive. Maybe I should upgrade? Ha! Ha!

  7. Im in aus and my nan brought me the ice one with the little mermaid game bundle for my birthday so my little sister wouldnt get jelous.. embarrassing when it was the only game i had

  8. I know your Forgetting 1 Cough Gameboy Light Cough Sorry I had something stuck in my Throat there!

  9. The Hawks one is probably my favorite here. Orange is one of my favorite colors.

  10. What an awesome video! So many gameboy variations that I never knew about! Keep up the good work.

  11. OMG I got to tell my colleagues at ANA about these awesome Gameboys 🙂 -Thanks for that awesome vid !

  12. Hi. I like the design of the Game Boy Color among all the Game Boys. God bless, Proverbs 31

  13. Need more collection videos from kelsey

  14. And here I was thinking my Game Boy collection was complete because I finally got the ellusive Game Boy Light…

  15. Agent Antz: Game Saver Anthony Calderon says:

    Hii Kelsey,
    How can you tell when a game boy pocket/color is authentic or not? I bought a DMG recently that was fake
    Also, where's by best chance to find a DMG styled limited edition Pocket? I've looked EVERYWHERE. Thanks for the cool vids!!!

  16. Damn, now I want that orange and black one…

  17. Te amo x2 soy el chico de América del sur 🇵🇪

  18. I know this isnt a Japans Gameboy but theres a special edition Gameboy colour in Australia called Ouzzie! Ouzzie Ouzzie

  19. Man, this video hit every childhood nerve I have !!! Thanks for that. I’m still looking for a Japanese DMG styled Game boy pocket… it’s my holy grail for now.
    Great video, thank you !!

  20. Neat stuff, that emerald green one is awesome!

  21. We need more Kelsey! Love from London 🇬🇧


  23. I found you through MJR! 😀 You seem like an awesome person that I'd get along with well. haha I started my own channel that i want to grow. This video was awesome! I love collecting different game boys!

  24. oh WOW! Those are pretty cool! I want one–or six!

  25. And I thought the tommy hilfiger version was the weirdest one. Great video!

  26. I could just stare and watch you talk all day 😍😍😍

  27. I saw that ANA Game Boy at a local second-hand store here in Japan! I'm seriously considering picking it up.

  28. ANA/ Gameboy…. sure looks cool…. but not for everyone

  29. You missed the Cardcaptor Sakura Gameboy! That's my holy Grail. It's so damn cute 😭

  30. Are you married?? Sorry to be that guy.. wait no!!! no im not.. you could actually have a legit conversation without throwing shade or gossiping about girly shit or yourself 24/7 and no clickbait bullshit… holy poop the world has gone to doo doo.. but at least there is this girl on youtube thats decent.. sincerely some random 24 year old being bored researching interesting video game stuff

  31. most beautiful girl on the web, AND SHE LIKES VIDEO GAMES!

  32. Very interestingi.

    It made me to looking and found the Pocketstation and the VMU from Dreamcast.

    Maybe you will found out interesting for your collection.

  33. Anybody collecting gameboys is uber cool!!

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