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Rare Game Boys From Japan — Some of the Oddest Special Edition Game Boy Consoles!

Kelsey Lewin
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There are SO many weird Game Boy special editions out there, especially in Japan. This is maybe 10% of them, so there’s many, many more I don’t have!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

A couple good resources for checking out all of the interesting special editions out there across all consoles:

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  1. Hi Kelsey, let me start off by saying that I know it’s a slim chance that you will read this. Which is ok. This video is cool and interesting. Lastly I’ve saw you a few times on Metal Jesus’s channel and let me say that I think you are awesome and that your incredibly beautiful and smart

  2. One I don’t see often is the Lawson clear blue and white gameboy color. I have mine from when I was a kid

  3. Subbed, just saw you after watching the MJR channel, which in turn I saw through Riff's channel… so good stuff!
    Great video. Loving these rare consoles, but I wouldn't spend way over the odds for the same console in a different colour. But great for collectors

  4. That clear ice blue game boy pocket is amazing looking.

  5. You should show off some gameboy advance stuff sometime too

  6. Is it just me that loves the gameboy pocket over the gameboy colour. Looks so much nicer.

  7. Does your store sell any of these? And if so does your store have an online website and shipping option (I'm from Australia and I don't want to get ripped off by fakes on ebay which as you said are all too abundant)

  8. kelsey you need to quit the kush and give it to me

  9. Wish I could be a collecter like you. 😞😔😣😭

  10. aIways showing awesome videos thanks for sharing…✌🏻

  11. I had a chance to buy the hello kitty gbp for $12 on eBay. I didn’t get it and I still regret it

  12. oh man I'll love to hang out with you someday and get lost in the zone when cross-referencing and talking our brains out about all sort of old console colours and types……… Someday this might happen

  13. I never did get too much into Pokémon. I loved the anime growing up. But never got into the games. Maybe it will change with SWORD/SHIELD

  14. Could you please do a video that goes over every version (color, special edition, etc.) of the 2DS and 3DS? Thanks!

  15. I don't know much about retro gaming history! These types of videos are exactly what I need to fill in the gaps!

  16. Always a pleasure watching your videos Ms. Lewin. Keep them coming. Thanks

  17. Kelsey you are the best. You pack a lot of info. in 3 and a half minutes. Can't wait for your next video!

  18. Btw, really cool t-shirt. Where did you pick it up out of curiosity? I’ve been to the NYC Nintendo Store but wasn’t able to find one quite like that.

  19. Damn and I could have gotten the Ice Blue and Lime Green Gameboys for a really fair price.
    But alas I was broke at the time.

  20. Tommy Hilfiger also has their exclusive Game Boy Color game console

  21. I collect for Gameboy so great video to watch. Love collecting for every model of Gameboy released

  22. Kelsey… I would love to eat your box from the back .

  23. 1:09 I am using this Game Boy Color! But the screen is without Mario 😐

  24. I actually just got a clear Ice Blue Gameboy pocket on the weekend, not sure if it’s aussie or japanese

  25. I had the ol school gray brick.
    Loved that fucking thing.. & a fancy attachment that magnified & lit the screen.
    Even more batteries & bulk. But I hella loved it.

  26. just in case anyone else stumbles upon this : the serial number and, in some cases, the big sticker are a good indicator if its real or fake. nintendo gave most rare editions a unique code (the orange pokemon edition color has "POB" at the start instead of C/CH) and the pikachu edition color says "(c) nintendo – game freak" on the big sticker and fake stickers do not (as far as i have checked on ebay). For GBC it's also worth a shot to see if the case has 2 small dimples on the left and right side of the cartridge slot, most (if not all) fake cases dont have those.

  27. I have a clear orange Gameboy Color, I think that I'm sitting on a gold mine.

  28. I want one. How. I can get this in qatar tell. Me. Please

  29. That pink Hello Kitty gameboy you have is dope

  30. If that transparent Gameboy Color is so rare, why do I have one in my hands right now as I type this? Gameboy color is probably only as rare as the NES console of which I have one of those as well.

  31. favorite of all time is the pikachu gameboy "light" ✨l

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