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PRESS START on this compilation of every original Game Boy start screen!

I know that I’m probably missing a few games. It was really difficult to find a complete list of original Game Boy games. The most complete guide I found was this Wikipedia page… See how it stacks up!



look me up!

This video will show you how to play Nintendo
This video will show you how to Gameboy
This video will show you Super Nintendo Start Screens


  1. I forgot how awesome the Mega Man II intro on the Game Boy was.

  2. This video makes me want to put down my PS4 controller and play a game of pokémon on my Game Boy. 

  3. bunu 3 saat izleyenin götüne game boy girsin

  4. I'm still amazed at how many different tunes could come out of that thing. Chiptune is great! Also which game do you tink has the best soundtrack of the bunch?

  5. Only a big fat freaky nerd can watch two hours of Game Boy intros

  6. OMG! Amazing Work man! Just THIS! Watching this is my birthday is pure nostalgia!

  7. My favorite Game Boy Color games were Scooby Doo! Classic Creep Capers, Mario Tennis (the only mario game I like), and Wendy: Every Witch Way. Of course, I also like the Spyro, Zelda, and Pokemon series. My gaming tastes were raised by my beloved brother.  I sucked at Metroid- I always drowned straight off. I would've like it if I could've figured it out.

  8. Awesome to see pokemon blue and red, but no yellow?

  9. 29:58
    almost thought that was exactly the same as that one song from Phineas and Ferb.

  10. I miss Goku Hishouden in this list :c And a bunch of others that I forgot the titles of..

  11. me encanto mas los de pokemon :3

  12. A++ For the effort to put this all together! 🙂

  13. Skipped around waiting till I spot one I had… First one up was one of my favorites… Darkwing Duck. Fuck YES.

  14. All the japanese onyl games hav better soundtrack!

  15. I was searching all my games (I had a lot!) and found some games so weirds, like Soccer, but i didn´t find Ranma games, I loved them so much D:

  16. Are you going to make this with the Black Cover GB games too?

  17. 1:31:31 My favorite Game Boy Game.
    Epic intro! Fun animation and beautiful theme.

  18. can u please share with me the full soundtrack of amida (1990)? cant find anywhere and i need it badly! thanks

  19. Doesnt press start screen goes away

  20. This was like the first big tech I had ever had when i was young

  21. Did anyone else find the Easter egg at around 2/3 of the video?

  22. You missed a Japanese-exclusive game called Pingu.

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