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Pokemon Silver (Game Boy Color) – Part 1

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Hour 1 of 14. Yeah, it’s a long play through.

Pokémon Gold Version and Silver Version are the second installments of the Pokémon series of role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo; developed for the Game Boy, the games were enhanced for its successor, the Game Boy Color, and marketed for the latter console. They were first released in Japan in 1999, Australia and North America in 2000, and Europe in 2001. Pokémon Crystal, a special edition version, was released for the Game Boy Color roughly a year later in each region. In 2009, Nintendo remade Gold and Silver for the Nintendo DS as Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.


  1. That's awesome. I had this one, blue and yellow on Gameboy color.

  2. @ZloolS​ Is this on a real game boy color? The reason i ask is because i'm trying to compare the original systems audio to the Higan emulator

  3. i relly was not a fan of this game i alwayse use to to play mario sorry for horribal spelling

  4. This was my first videogme! Why did I have to lose it… 🙁


  6. ? todabia ay raza ke juega este video juego .contesten porfa

  7. Oh I had this game after finishing red, but it didn't work 😭

  8. to play this is u gotta finish red blue green and yellow to do silver

  9. when oak started to speak it got very loud yeesh

  10. I luv gen 2. Got now also crystal and silver. Wish my silver orifinal copy didnt die

  11. Cool video! Thanks a lot! When that can be, too, will become a member of the Pokémon family!)

  12. U seriously picked a grass type over a water and fire type

  13. why did he not look at the third pokemon

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