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Pokemon Blue (Game Boy Color) – Full Playthrough

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It’s almost 8 hours of Pokemon; let’s face it, nobody is going to watch the entire thing.

Pokémon Red Version and Blue Version are role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy. They are the first installments to the Pokémon series. They were first released in Japan in 1996 as Red and Green, with Blue being released later in the year as a special edition. They were later released as Red and Blue in North America, Europe and Australia over the following three years. Pokémon Yellow, a special edition version, was released roughly a year later. Red and Green have subsequently been remade for the Game Boy Advance as Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, released in 2004.


  1. Thank you for the blast from the past. I should of kept my games but I couldn't beat this one and got bored of it.

  2. I remember I gotten a kankasgon one time in the caves. The baby did something. It was this game or the yellow version. I didn't win that one either.

  3. It not listening to you is why i stopped transferring for stronger Pokemon. And this is too strong to help you catch other Pokemon.

  4. I forgot how stubborn Charmeleon was. 😂 loading around, ignoring orders lmao classic

  5. crazy with that time,you could beat this game basically four times with one full charge on the gameboy color,that thing had insane battery life

  6. Damn, my roommate senior year of college had this in '98

  7. I'm just curious in the almost 8 hours it took you to complete the whole game were you able to catch all the Pokemon

  8. Duane Burke's Adventures In The Blue Islands 1996
    Squirtle, Wartortle & Blastoise

  9. Since I love blue and this is the longest video, I'm going to watch it all.

  10. The link room looks so beautiful and the characters so cute.

  11. I understand training but you need Misty's badge first.

  12. Miss the good old days i did not know the mew glitch at that time

  13. Yellow version people say was the best but not really

  14. I had this in the 4th grade miss those days

  15. If im board enough i will look at whole video

  16. You are good at battling however, your team isn't balanced enough in levels. You're doing what I did first time I played it starter high level, one other high level the rest weak and it's just gonna mean more work later when you face the Pokémon league. 👍

  17. Why when you using that charmeleon? Why is only ignoring

  18. Best years of my childhood. The sound effects man….incredible

  19. This isn't Gameboy Color. This is Super Gameboy. On the Gameboy Color, there was only one color pallet, and it was very limited. On the Super Gameboy, the pallet changes depending on context and location. So when you change from a town to a route, the colors swap.

  20. This is the game for the game boy color not the pocket right..can you tell me what one I had I was born in 91 and in the third grade I got a yellow game boy handheld this was the game I played and the one with the duck with the cape and the hat.

  21. Why isn't my game boy color showing the same color? 😭

  22. lvl 12 vs lvl 25 lol please that's cheating

  23. I'm pretty sure this wasn't played on a game boy color lol, since the super game boy pallete is active

  24. I honestly did some weird crap when I first played the game… When I got Squirtle I had grinded so much that I had a Blastoise before I had even encountered Brock… I tend to go overboard

  25. I wish the 3ds digital store download was the color versions! 😩

  26. Man that cooltrainer fight before Erica, with the weepinbell wrapping you, was tough to watch

  27. Iago Benedictis Campos Neto de Mahgalhães Vieira says:

    This player's Charmeleon remember the Ash's Charmeleon.

  28. Do play as red rival in this game?

  29. The fact that Professor Oak forgets the name of his own grandson, is STUPENDOUS

  30. That was a great trade deal! Trading a Squirtle for a Charmeleon. Who could resist that??

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