Playing random games with boys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - Edward Avila -

Playing random games with boys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) – Edward Avila

Edward Avila
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  1. A bit late to comment but must say keep up the good work. I've recently come across your channel and would like to give a huge thanks for the laughs you have brought me and I'm sure many others :). I couldn't even choose my favourite part of this video as I'm certain my neighbours now think I'm crazy just bursting out with laughter through the entire thing with all the cheeky editing and the odd dash of shade.

  2. EDWARD AVILA IS WHAT THE KPOP INDUSTRY ALWAYS NEEDED. thanks for attending my tedtalk.

  3. You should go to happyface again and meet their senior drEaMCaTchEr .All happyface group are train to be gag man😁😁

  4. he collabed with d1ce, now i wanna see a collab with dreamcatcher 8)

  5. bleu hair and pink hair boys become Yarichin Bitch Club

  6. It's been a year, I wonder how this group is doing.

  7. The one in the tan pants looks Sooooo innocent 😇 in the beginning till end he's SOOO CUTE!❤️

  8. Dying of laughter from the beginning to end

  9. I love how Ed just feeds off of confusing his guests and being awkward. Iconic

  10. Can we get this group to play dnd with those dice. Please that would be amazing

  11. 6:47
    It's like mother is calling her child for causing trouble at school

  12. they are in the same company with DREAMCATCHER OMGGGGGG. The number of people who want DC to show up in his video.

  13. The weird part is that while I do have the vocal range all the way into Dog Whistle Territory…I have no real control at that range anymore because of an encounter with Pneumonia…

  14. if edward was to be friends with bts….

  15. My apologies, I didn’t write Kim HyunSoo’s name (our blue haired husky vocal) correctly in the subtitle, please forgive mY IDIOCY (its probably brain damage from the hammer)

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