Playing EVERY Game Boy Color Launch Game -

Playing EVERY Game Boy Color Launch Game

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Join Ben as he looks back at the 1998 Japanese & US Game Boy Color launch line up of games. How does the little handheld that could hold up 23 years later? Watch to find out!

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Games covered in this Nintendo Game Boy Color video:
• Centipede
• Dragon Quest Monsters
• Game & Watch Gallery 2
• Hexcite
• Pocket Bomberman
• Pocket Bowling
• Tetris DX
• Wario Land II

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  1. First ever gaming experience was with a teal gameboy colour and Pokémon yellow 😀

  2. Mine was a grape-purple gameboy with pokemon red and tarzan 🙂

  3. My first hand held was also the teal one with Pokémon Blue but somehow my parents decided I'd get Grand Theft Auto too. I still have both game but I don't have the Game Boy for some reason. Years later I got the purple clear plastic one.

  4. 0:32 is the moment we all have when we realize holy shit we have too many Game boys lol

  5. Also how the hell have I not subscribed to you yet??!?!?

  6. Did Ben get a slack message at 8:26 or does the tetris theme just bare a striking resemblance? haha

  7. Green GBC and Pokémon Blue on my 7th birthday. I remember opening it 20 years on.

  8. Wario Land 2 for the GBC is just Wario Land 2 for the Gameboy, but in color. The early GBC library had a bunch of these kinda unnecessary rereleases of fairly recent Gameboy games that just added color and nothing more.

  9. ….. when you hear his voice and see it come out of his face this was enlightening thanks jump man

  10. I want a return of REAL Wario games… Screw Wario Ware gimme Wario land/World(ish) type games again

  11. Pocket Bomberman was a childhood favorite. Still one of the best character designs

  12. I had the atomic translucent purple and Pokémon Blue. My dad then got himself a teal with Pokémon Red after he saw how awesome Pokémon was. I miss the 90s so much.

  13. Dragon Warrior Monsters was more fun than it deserved to be.

  14. Ben if you buy another Gameboy Colour I'm staging an intervention

  15. I love my Grape GBC with Pokemon Yellow, Tetris and Metroid 2. <3

  16. Marked out when I saw bomberman. Shame it wasn't the version I remember. But it reminded me about 'Bomberjack' did anyone else actually play this?
    I played on an old Amstrad back in the day, I seem to be the only person who has played it…

  17. I remember getting the teal colored gameboy color w/2 games,game & watch gallery 3 & xmen wolverine's rage.i played the 1st game way more since i got bored w/the other game as soon as i beat it

  18. OH MY YES, GAME AND WATCH GALLERY 2!!!!! I had this game for the GB Color and when I mention it to people, no one knows what I am talking about! I LOVED that game! I remember driving to my nanny's, playing that in the back of the car! My favourite was the chef one because you cooked the food then moved one ahead to feed Yoshi!!! 😀

  19. I started with a teal GBC and pokemon blue as well 😂🤣

  20. Found it pretty triggering watching Wario ignore the odd coin here and there

  21. Wario is da mang mang, mang…🤘🏼💯✔

  22. I swear to god Ben, your intros are some of the funniest things I've ever seen on YouTube. I'm so glad I found this channel through Cultaholic!

  23. I had the same exact start up, teal and Pokemon blue, got a good cheer outta me hearing that.

  24. i was around 8 when i had a transparent clear with pokemon blue, literally the best gaming times of my life. i can even remember learning how to obtain multiple rare candys. which was my first ever hack.

  25. Some guy in my 5th grade class traded me dragon warrior for yoshi island and til this day I couldn't figure out what that game was all I knew was that game was fun as hell

  26. Gasp, my first one was teal and I got Pokémon blue! God what a great christmas

  27. English subtitles are out of sync starting at 9:10, basically restarting

  28. "For me it was a teal Game Boy and a copy of Pokemon Blue."

    I knew you had immaculate taste.

  29. I had a Gameboy Pocket. Never had a GBC, in fact I skipped all the way to GBA SP. That leap was insane

  30. I still remember playing Pokemon Gold in the back of my parents car on my little green GBC.

  31. The intro made me feel very old. I started gaming on a black & white TV in a heavy wooden case, games were on cassettes and you were lucky if they loaded.

  32. Please make another video series about playing the last few games of the consoles before they were discontinued. There would be lots of sports time and even some radical cool bird man for the Nintendo 64.

  33. Woah the first console I ever bought with my own money as a kid was a teal Gameboy Color and Pokemon Blue as well!!! My brother got the purple-clear one, with Pokemon Red.

  34. I remember playing Spiderman 2 for the GBC but couldn’t find either as I think they broke when I was around 10. But being in college now I decided to go buy another one to relive the memories. Great video, you’ve given me tons of ideas for games to get.

  35. Dragon Warrior Monsters is still probably in the top 10 for my most-played games. The breeding was just so intricate. (Not to mention randomized dungeons.) It and DWM 2 easily outweigh all my time amongst the Pokemon games combined.

    Never could get into the mainline DQ series, though

  36. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure was my fucking jam as a kid

  37. Ball was the most fun. Its a simple juggling game where the balls get faster and faster.

  38. I remember in 2001, getting a gameboy colour for the first time. I was even asked of I would prefer the gameboy advance but I wanted the colour instead. I had no regrets. Mario bros deluxe and zelda oracle of seasons were my first 2 games that were gbc exclusive.

  39. The subtitles for this video are wrong for the last few minutes, they start again from the beginning.

  40. top tier humor m8. i humbly request you do this series for sega game gear and sega master system

  41. Wait, how is Dragon Warrior Monsters a launch game if you played it around the time Gold/Silver came out?
    Did you just not get it at launch or did you mean it was a Japanese launch title?

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