Playing a spooky game with the boys -

Playing a spooky game with the boys

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In Silence is my favorite Non-Horror Horror Game of all time. Happy Halloween. Enjoy the one spooky game I play this year on this channel.
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Friends in the video:

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  1. This man is fighting his own war and he has no rules, no boundaries, he doesn't flinch at genocide or human trafficking, he's not loyal to a flag or a country or any set of ideals, he trades blood for money.

  2. Lmao I freaken HATE horror games but this had me laughing the whole time😭💀

  3. Gonna be honest I hate horror but phasmaphobia ain’t that scary if you play with friends

  4. 25:59 the most dramatic thing i ever witnessed and i felt scared for Puffer 💀💀💀

  5. Anyone else have there brightness up and still can’t see shit?

  6. I love all of smii7y and am subscribed to all three channels.

  7. Stares into the face of a bloody-faced horror with knives for hands: "do you know where the car is have you seen a car?"

  8. It’s like four am rn, I am trying to hard to be quiet 😭

  9. Bro you may hate playing horror games but we love it

  10. Smii7ty I'm at the beggining and I hate horror games too but I also kinda like 'em but the intro saaaame brother

  11. genuinely LOVE when you guys play horror it’s hilarious lmfao

  12. it would be fun to see him play a horror game with vanoss

  13. Bro hiw to beat this game use push to talk

  14. whats the song john plays in the intro

  15. Literally makes me trust Smitty even more knowing he doesn’t like horror genre 🫡

  16. I also hate horror games but not horror games

  17. “I smell a smell that smells smelly” clicks on flashlight just some dude in a bush

  18. 19:10
    "Oh! A fellow fattie!"
    "Shhh! Shut the fuck up! He just caught my ass! Shut up!"
    Favorite line for no reason

  19. 10:55 i started laughing when the monster said what you laughing at then I went completely silent thinking the monster could hear me

  20. Oke oke, one wea it just needed to be perfect was having Petter griffin going hehehe as he cocks the shotgun as the only survivor in a murder movie.

    By the wea, hope next horror games pull the spooky clown box (Those weas moar scary than the actual menace)

  21. actual fact: bassboost audio give moar heartaches to someone than bigmacs

  22. Milkbag: yikes
    The menace looking monster: What so funny?
    Milkbag: I found something funny you should look for it
    0,1 seconds pass
    stealy bushman: spooky sounds

  23. "wtf how many flashbangs do you have!? this isn't call of duty"

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