Playing 3 games at once on the Game Boy? -

Playing 3 games at once on the Game Boy?
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  1. This is so useless lol. What's the advantage of having this? It's easier to carry the cartridges loose, and manually switch, than going around with that ship container

  2. I found one of these at my local game store in their dollar bin, pretty neat little device

  3. Alternate title: Using a switch to change games instead of just changing the cartridge out

  4. Why… Why would you ever need this?

  5. Me over here with a ps4 wishing i had this lmao

  6. Yeah ummm… Or you could just Switch the game manually you know…

  7. thought it would keep the other games running. useless accessory

  8. Man I have a Gameboy Advance back when i was 7-10 yrs old if i remember it correctly, Im 22 now and dude I'm still Amaze by this

  9. I remember how I'd always search for the game boy when I visit my granparents. I'd reload it like a gun and it was fucking awsome

  10. This is like switching between digital games before digital games.

  11. That’s pretty cool to be honest never knew that had something like this

  12. OH! I have this accessory! Haha. It was hella OP at its time

  13. I’m guessing this was made for people who don’t have pockets?

  14. I had this as a kid and loved it. It’s convenient since you don’t have the games in some case, instead they’re all attached to your gameboy.
    And tbh, I thought when I got it, it was a game itself and was gonna take assets from all 3 games for some crossover game lol

  15. I grew up using this! Although I think I recall it corrupting one of my game saves because, well, it's a 3rd-Party device and it can interrupt data if used improperly (or bumped weirdly on accident)

  16. It's really cool but it looks really uncomfortable to hold

  17. Khaby Lame: insert cartridge in then power on – – -> power off pull out cartridge, insert a new cartridge then turn on.

  18. Si lo tienes que apagar para cambiar el juego, es absolutamente innecesario. Simplemente se cambia el cartucho y ya ns

  19. – Title: Playing 3 games at once on the Game Boy?
    – What it should be: A Game Boy Advance SP 3-Slots game loader?

  20. "at once" seems a bit misleading.
    This is more of a switch-box.

  21. For some reason I thought it would literally be playing three games at once.

  22. I have this. It's a pice of junk and the selection switch gets stuck often and it will freeze games

  23. None of these will work because he didn't blow into the cartridges

  24. Honestly as ultimately pointless something like this is, because you can just switch the games out, it is really cool to see it and let's face it as kids we would 100% prefer having a way to just switch games like that over having to pull them out and put another in

    I really like these old game boy accessories even though most seem pointless but you know as a kid most of these would have seemed amazing

  25. Who else was hoping it would be three games at one time!

  26. Childhood memories coming back to is so sweet and sad at the same time

  27. I miss hearing that sound when it boots up ♡♡♡

  28. why would anybody need this, they're cartridges
    it might be cool if like the player could switch games without hard resetting so you could have three active games simultaneously, but in this case, it's… it's a cartridge! put in the other cartridge! just put in the other one and play it

  29. That startup sound brought soooooooo many memories back into my brain. Very nostalgic. I was kinda expecting it to be stucked on the logo tho 😆😆 good old days

  30. I dont understand the point of this, if you could live switch between them and it held the last games position in an internal memory on the switcher it would be cool but…

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