Playing 3 games at once on the Game Boy? -

Playing 3 games at once on the Game Boy?
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  1. Retro future did a whole video about this i think

  2. ネセソトナニツキノハコスモ says:

    The gameboy player thing pops up whenever you play Mario 3, it's probably due to the fact that it has some special border or something whenever you play it with the gameboy player.

  3. What happens if you move the switch in the middle of a game?

  4. There was a version of that for many different handheld systems and some were much higher quality than others. One of the versions that that all of the games were nearly flush on the outside and there were even one that went up to seven total games that one was crazy and it had a rotary dial to select the game. Almost every Nintendo handheld has an accessory that allows you to play more than one game or a combination of extra games and batteries and many other features that you might want. There is even a game case/mount for the ds line of products but the sp is the last system that I remember that had official Nintendo accessories that would also allow you to have more than one game connected to the system at once. I'm also not counting multi-cartridges or sd cards of any type.

  5. Weird, but I like accessories that make these handhelds more comfortable to hold.

  6. Didnt realise how much i missed the sound of a gameboy turning on till seeing this. Havent touched mine in years

  7. That Mario screen brought me back memories I didn’t even remember I had

  8. I have a accessory just like this for 3DS.

  9. The fact that this was the way to have multiple games at once and now you just need a phone, maybe an sd card and you can have as much games as your storage allows is just mindblowing

  10. I love to see the odd comment about how X device/software (emulator, everdrive, etc.) Is better, and this device is pointless. You just KNOW there's a younger child behind it not even realizing you COULDN'T just load things on your devices back in the day. You had to carry ALL this stuff around. Lol

  11. Or you pirate it and need only the console and one hacked cartridge with all of your owned games in virtual form.

  12. It looks like the amount of effort to put all 3 games in and use the switch just put each game in when you want to play it and save the money on not getting this device. Also when you want to switch out one of the 3 games in the device you now have to remember which slot it's in just to change it and again too much effort, just save the money and switch one at a time in the gameboy.

  13. Are those that don't know there is no way for the game boy advance to tell that an original game cartridge is plugged in so you can't use those. I would keep an original cartridge in the back slot which would make it stick out really far because it's like a DS lite. When I wanted to play the back cartridge I would pull it out pull the game boy out of the holder and then play it.

  14. The accessories for the gameboy SP were SICK

  15. That is indeed very nice… But why though?

  16. I have that gameboy but my cousin drop it on the water and the battery get big

  17. This loader would erase save games on fire emblem constantly

  18. The best first portable video game ever 🖤

  19. Now I questioned my childhood. HOW IN THE FUCK DID I GOT 27 GAMES ALL AT ONE

  20. So nostalgic i remember i only watch my cousin playing those game because i don't have one. I don't want to borrow it coz i might broke those controler when im lose the game im easily get mad hehe anyway i miss being a kid thats all

  21. I had a Gameboy in childhood but It was stolen…. for my house.. 😭😭😭
    Seeing this Gameboy's intro I remembered mine…

  22. I didn't know game boy had extended mag😳

  23. Guess what has the same affect. Swapping the games like normal

  24. What would happen if you swap the game while it was on a game

  25. You didn't boot up all three games at once and I feel mislead. I know it's not possible but I still wanted to see three different games competing for the screen and audio output at the same time

  26. Switch it off, change the button to position 1-2-3… And turn it off… Why don't you just switch the cartridge right away? 😐

  27. Maybe im only 16.
    But damm i fell old and i miss my Gameboy 😀

  28. No fucking way, I used to have that exact same gameboy attachment as a kid. I used to be blown away at just how badass it was that I could have three games set in my gameboy and just flip between them. It was seriously one of my favorite accessories I had for my old black gameboy sp.

  29. i played thousands of hours on one of those as a kid… mainly megaman battle network blue!

  30. aw you have to turn it off before switching? I wanted to see it switch games on the fly

  31. I got one o' those, it's called an Android phone ;3

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