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Picking Up The Pip-Boy – In Every Fallout Game

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Picking Up The Pip-Boy For The First Time In Every Fallout Game Since 2008 – 2018

Every Pip-Boy Version From Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4 And Fallout 76 – Pip-Boy 3000, Pip-Boy 3000 Mark 4, Pip-Boy 2000 Mark 6 With Additional Info Commentary


  1. Hmm, you missed the scene in Fallout NV where doc gives you the pipboy. Can't give you a thumbs up sadly…

  2. fallout 76 pip boy is a little bigger than the fallout 4

  3. The Pip Boy ruins outfits, it's annoying

  4. It started with fallout 3 what about the otherea

  5. For the people who are saying he forgot other pip boys

    He is talking about the. Main 3D pipboys fuckin idiots

  6. Pip boy 4000 with color display made by the CIT.

  7. Well you can’t tell the difference form 3 and new Vegas cause it’s the same game but different locations

  8. I love pip boy you love pip boy evry love pip boy

  9. They Don't Touch Screen on Pip Boy Device

  10. "Every fallout game"
    Video starts at Fallout three

  11. What mod did you use to make new vegas look like that where it's all bright and clear?

  12. Who’s ready for the nuclear apocalypse I’m already developing the pip boys

  13. you missed the varied systems of the first and second games… back when they used the 2000 model, produced by robco. the 3000 model was produced by vault tech.

  14. How do they wear it tho? It seems so heavy and huge on arm

  15. Say what you want about Fallout 76 but its Pip Boy is amazing, my favorite one to date.

  16. If you think about it, aren’t Smart Watches (like the Apple Watch for example) just real life Pip-Boys? They can monitor time, location, messages, even health to an extent.

  17. Fallout 3 looks like half life 2 not gonna lie

  18. How about 1 and 2. There isnt a cutscene for them but you get the pip boy after the first mission in fallout 2

  19. You didn’t show the best one of all the pimp boy 3 billion

  20. wonder how fallout new vegas courier get a pip boy and vault gear

  21. The Greg'er counter, counts how many greg Paul's are nearby.

  22. People be like:
    If people at least played 5 minutes of the game, they would know that you already start with Pip-Boy

  23. I’m sorry but it’s a Geiger counter not a greger counter

  24. Fallout 76 belongs in the trash fallout 4 is the best one

  25. When I play fallout first time Me: oh cool fallout 4
    Me: looks at store
    Sees Fallout 76
    Am I missing something

  26. I really love the history of our pip boy in fallout new vegas, the pip boy is from Mitchell and he used to travel with his wife through the california… I belive you know the end of this history.

  27. My favourite Pip-Boy is the 3000 MK-IV
    Anybody else?

  28. I just realised he said Greger counter for New Vegas' Pip-boy

  29. aestethically speaking i like 2000 mk 6 the most

  30. On another subject, I wish they made it so you could see your body when you looked down.

  31. Not two minutes into fallout 76, and I'm already locked in a room trying to find my fucking pip boy. Expectations could not be lower

  32. I like how the thumbnail says 76 but its fallout 4

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