Pawn Stars: ULTRA-RARE Pokemon Game Boy Color (Season 18) -

Pawn Stars: ULTRA-RARE Pokemon Game Boy Color (Season 18)

Pawn Stars
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Corey calls in an expert to appraise a Pokemon Limited Edition Game Boy Color, and the market is HOT right now, in this clip from Season 18, “Wreck It Rick.”

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“Pawn Stars” follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.


  1. There's a video game store up the road from my house that would give more then 300 bucks for that 🙄

  2. man this is almost like gamestop level of price undercutting…

  3. I mean at the end of the day the box means absolutely 0. Nobody gives af about a box. An unopened protected unit is what is worth the money. Plus the booklet inside but that's it. That's like saying a Nolan Ryan rookie card's value is brought down because the box holding the packs is damaged. But is the card mint or what?

  4. Ain’t no way bro. Game boy alone would have sold at least $700 alone on eBay.

  5. Proof that there's a suckered born every minute.

  6. You might as well have just given it away dude🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Let me bring in my rat….er….expert.

  8. dude the moment he offered $400 after his expert said $1200 i would have denied the offer and walked out. Maybe they paid him money for this episode

  9. I have no idea about Pokemon starts listing character s

  10. I havnt watched this show I’m so long. Man Corey looks just like the old man now

  11. Should have had Chumlee on this one he'd have nerded out

  12. I would keep then sell it man, that is a legit piece of gold

  13. This is so staged, hence it being on video. Dun Dun Dunnnnn

  14. Cory sounds like he's been smoking several packs a day lol

  15. I have 5 of them sealed they are rare to some people not to everyone the one that’s worth a lot of money is the analog pocket that comes in black or white that has the entire library of all the gameboy games doesn’t need cartridges to play them better screen doesn’t need batteries

  16. My guy just took $800 and threw it in the trash 😑

  17. The video game world has become a while other universe now u definitely could of sold it for $1200 on your own

  18. I used to have that gbc when I was younger, and now it’s nowhere to be found… im pretty sure my parents sold it at a yard sale, but they won’t admit it

  19. This show is completely scripted and fake. They make the deals beforehand and then “recreate” it after. The store is small and nothing special. Tourist trap for sure. Wasted my time there

  20. He looks like a poke master

  21. Even appraised for 1200 someone would have given him 2000 for it if he played the waiting game

  22. "I know it's limited edition"
    "I know these video games are really collectable right now"
    "Pokémon thing is hot"
    I can't make you an offer on something I don't know anything about
    Lmao has a computer next to him & can easily look up market value




  24. Seriously 400 this why stopped watching pawn stars. Always lowball not a fair bone in em

  25. Are these even real this has to be fake 400 bucks for that wtf

  26. I think Corey is a total tool, never liked his prices or attitude throughout the show.

  27. this guy looks like boogie 30 years from now

  28. I would of never sold it. I would of gave him $1000 cash with out even thinking. But fair play to the Pawn Stars great deal for them.

  29. corey such a scammer hes everyones least favourite such an unlikeable character

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