Page Boy: Nintendo's LOST Game Boy Add-on | Game History Secrets -

Page Boy: Nintendo’s LOST Game Boy Add-on | Game History Secrets

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Today on Game History Secrets, Liam talks about his journey to find the lost Nintendo Game Boy add-on, the PageBoy. This peripheral has been lost for many years and never fully documented before, but through determination and some amazing luck, the PageBoy lives again thanks to Liam’s work.

Liam Robertson is a video game researcher and archiver. In his spare time, Liam creates videos and articles for various outlets, and will also be contributing to the Did You Know Gaming channel.

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Special Thanks to Eddie Gill. Without him this video would not have been possible.

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  1. Gotta love the excuses about it only working in America, meanwhile Nintendo has and had a ton of Japan only products and services. Double standard much?

  2. Imagine the things that are ahead of our time now, that some executives are canceling because they won't sell.

  3. lets go leeds is god tire city is god as i live ther

  4. Mario's Sprite in the page boy is directly taken from super mario all stars game over screen for super mario bros.

  5. Nintendo when something is US only: No no, we want it to be universal.

    Nintendo when something is Japan only: Well, we're a Japanese company so…

  6. We could’ve all been holding Nintendo phones right now…

  7. Nintendo switch users still can’t message each other though… if only

  8. Can you guys make a video about dark stalkers facts

  9. It would be cool to see the page boy being used in an analog horror series.

  10. Wait so Japan can get Satellaview BS, the 64 DD, and all those cool Famicom attachments as region exclusive, but the second the US almost got something similar as region exclusive, it gets canned for not having global appeal.


  11. Doesn't Nintendo release Japan exclusive devices and games? Why not do it for another country for a change 🤨

  12. downvoting cuz liam isn't a nice person. Have a good day everyone. :3

  13. Nintendo may have been what Apple is today if they would have done this .

  14. I can only imagine them being ahead and leading the mobile market by YEARS had they gone through with it.

  15. That thing would of ate batteries wouldn't it?

  16. Nintendo – the Smartphone company. Gee…insane.

  17. This would have been insane if they made this for the game boy advance and released promoted it for pokemon specifically. An internal game gear for the trainer.

  18. Will the pitch powerpoint/video ever be released?

  19. so what your saying is that nintendo tried to make the gameboy into a cell phone

  20. Eddie Gill and the Page Boy: "I CAN SEE THE FUTURE!"

    Honestly though, this would've been the craziest thing ever in the early 2000's.

  21. 6:05 You know these folks were crazy after reading that screen text.

    €: Oh, nevermind. That was Nintendo Power. In there, every game was better than any other.

  22. Someone else did a video on this a year or two ago, and he had a working keyboard prototype from the inventor.

  23. This is really fascinating, I had never heard of this before! I can understand a few reasons why it didn't finalize, but it's really interesting to learn about stuff like this. Super ambitious

  24. It took them THREE YEARS to discover that this wireless system didn't exist in Japan and Europe?

  25. I've always wondered if the Gameboy was capable of displaying video

    When I was 10 there was nothing I wanted more than to be able to watch TV on my Gameboy color

  26. This is very similar to the flip phones i-mode internet (this was in Japan cira 1999)

  27. I would've LOVED to have one of these as a kid if it came out! Imagine Pokemon wonder trades in the early 2000s!

  28. Hope that guy gets his Spice Girls CD back.

  29. I have absolutely no idea why I watch these videos. But I do.

  30. So…. The iPhone before the iPhone?

  31. Wait, there could've been a slight chance that this would've competed with Apple and Samsung?!

  32. Had this released, it would have made ultimate Punching Weight material. I like to imagine that there is a Parallel Universe Derek out there somewhere, doing this thing the justice it so rightly deserves.

    Awesome coverage on a truly ambitious device. It's crazy the kinds of things we would never learn about if not for investigations like this.

  33. I love how you only mention Sega as competitor at the beginning. xD
    What a fascinating piece of history!
    Great video, too.

  34. All those functions, and it would've only required two AA batteries? Not sure how long it'd last before running out… 🤔

  35. If these ever existed, I would get one and fricking force my buds to try.

  36. Is the sales pitch document available somewhere ?

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