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Original Game Boy | No Power Fixed!

The Retro Phix
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Welcome to my first YouTube video! No Power – No Problem! This is the start of a series of Game Boy “Phixes”. Subscribe to stay up to date on NEW videos.

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  1. Ended up finding a red play it loud dmg at a garage sale. It was missing the back door and screen protector. All it needed was batteries. Now it's been returned to its former glory. The best part is it was only 2 bucks.

  2. I found my two DMGs from my childhood, both have just zero signs of power. No light or anything. So of course the algorithm brings me to this video. Wish me luck!

  3. Nice video, very relaxing. Just wondering if it wouldn’t be good to check the power supply by using a power adapter upfront. Just as an idea….

  4. How does corrosion on an all metal battery terminal cause a short?

  5. I really liked this video, learned something today. Do you have links or just names for that screwdriver set and work mat/tray ?

  6. Awesome video! Worked like a charm! Thank you!

  7. Where mine says game boy when it turns on it’s just black idk what to do

  8. Well if you take nothing else from this, never settle for good enough. Always do the job fully the first time so you don't have to do it a second time

  9. i recomend you Duracell batteries cause Energuizer this dats are coming bad and explote causing corrotion

  10. Excellent video. Straight to the point.

  11. Great video man! Pretty amazing that the difference between a functioning device and a non functioning device might just be some corroded battery terminals.

  12. Really good video ! The music give a great atmosphere to your video 🙂

  13. I find that letting the terminals soak in some distilled white vinegar eats the corrosion right off. Even better than scrubbing with isopropyl.

  14. Great video! And love the art work at the end lol, I’m trying to get into refurbing retro consoles myself, so thanks for the walkthrough of cleaning corrosion sir! Keep up the good work! 🤙🏼

  15. Thanks for the video!! Great work, and easy to follow along with. Got my Gameboy back up and running in about 15 minutes with the scrubbing.

  16. Yup, thats all the old gameboy needed. Thanks for the tutorial!

  17. your video was great and i was able to fix my game boy and i’m only 13!

  18. Welp, I just found my gameboy. It had been in a drawer for over 20 years. Yep left the batteries in. Same exact problem you had here. Batteries corroded and left its mark on my terminals. I guess Ill have to take the thing apart as you did and start scrubbing. A good lesson everyone, take the batteries out first before you decide you are done with a system. MOAN.

  19. just need to get a damn tri wing screwdriver now

  20. Im about to give this a try on a rare yellow original gameboy i was able to pick up along with a new, but opened box gray gameboy. The yellow one doesn't power on which is why i got it so cheap, so ill be sure to comment and let you know how it goes!

  21. Thanks to you, my Gameboy is working again! Thank you

  22. I have a gameboy with a simular power issue. I will be sure to try it out what you did here. Great videos, keep up the good content!

  23. I really enjoy the quality in this video. No unnecessary talking and to the point. Very good, thank you.

  24. DMG power switch replacement is a tough one, but something I've run into a few times. There aren't any straight up replacement switches being made for the DMG so creative craftsmanship, a rotary tool, and soldering jumper wiring is the only going solution for that particular job. It would make a great video seeing as no one has had the balls yet to try that one on BoobTube. Great video btw.

  25. Love the video but I gotta ask, where did you get the screwdriver set, looking for a good set to work on my gameboy.

  26. Really cool video, looks like a really chill and calming repair, it’s nice to see these old gameboys being repaired and not just dumped in a landfill!

  27. Your voice sounds like joe rogan haha

  28. I found my gameboy w batteries obv corroded…im gonna try this. I hope it fixes it.

  29. I found my old Gameboy and was able to get it to work again following the instructions here. I used WD-40 instead of isopropyl alcohol and it worked fine for the type of corrosion my device had. Great video!

  30. Thanks this was a big help my mom had one but it broken so i did what u said and I mad 250$ from it and brought back memories

  31. I fixed stuff the simple way (as in replacing batteries and restarting stuff). I have a psp and for years it wasn’t turning on. But this whole time all I had to do was replace its battery with another one. But back to what I was saying, I never fixed stuff as in unscrewing the computer or console, and replacing wires and stuff like that. Where do you learn to fix stuff like that? Because I want to do it but at the same time I’ve never fixed anything like that and I’m scared I’m going to mess it up anyway.

  32. thanks dude! i did this for my gameboy and it fixed it!

  33. Wish me luck, I just bought one and it doesn't power on so hopefully it's an easy fix like this one 😅

  34. My mother dropped by yesterday, and handed me my old Gameboy😄I was sure it was gone forever, but she’d found it in an old cardboard box. It says DMG-01 on the back, so I’m pretty sure it’s the original version(?). Like the one in this video, there’s no reaction when you engage the power switch. The batteries have been sitting in it for probably 25 years, and I can see there’s corrosion in there.

    I’m gonna try the tricks you did in this video, but I gotta go tool-shopping first. In stead of phillips-head screws, there are these Y-shaped ones. I’ve never come across that type before…🤔

  35. Thanks just what was wrong with my moms old game boy. May she rest in peace im sure shes playing in heaven.

  36. Hey, thank you for the video. I just did this and it turns on.

  37. my friend, is not naRa. is naDa, pronounce the D, do not change it for an R.

  38. You are like my favroite person, i did the vertical lines fix but after a bit it wouldnt turn on no matter what i did, just did this, worked like a charm. thank you so much

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