Online Multiplayer on the Game Boy -

Online Multiplayer on the Game Boy

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In this video I will show you how I connected the Game Boy Tetris to the internet!

– Buy the adapter kit:
– LiveOverflow:
– Patreon:
– Twitter:
– Discord:

– Server:
– Frontend:
– Firmware:

00:00​ – Intro
01:13​ – The Link Cable Protocol
01:57​ – Architecture
02:39​ – Hardware setup
03:59 – WebUSB!
04:42 – The Frontend
05:27 – The Server
06:20 – A wild LiveOverflow appears!
07:19 – 3 Players!


  1. I know you’ve heard this several times but I need to add to it: this is INCREDIBLE! I appreciate that your curiosity lead you to creating this!

  2. Wow.
    But I think GBA might be more complex, as its link
    rotocolmdisallows "fake packages" right ?

    Playing Megaman Battlenetwork online'd be a dream come true.

  3. This video inspired me to try something similar. Also got a pico, hooked it up with some level shifters and messed with Pokémon trades in Gen 2 🙂 Havent put the documentation up on github yet but planning on sharing my experience. Who knows maybe someone smarter than me can use it for something 😀

  4. Should do other games now and add public lobby system

  5. discord invitation seems dead, did a new link is available ?
    thanks !

  6. Hello, is the server down? I cannot create a new room, it is connecting to game server forever

  7. Can this possibly work with VBAlink?

  8. This is amazing. If you could make this work with iOS or Android then you would be on to a real winner. Id love to play Tetris online at the beach!

  9. If any company make this kind of console ill buy it no doubt

  10. When you say works with 'Android': do you mean that it will work on any android phone using a USB OTG adapter. This would be awesome to just plug into my phone than have to sit next to my computer

  11. Im really surprised why this hasn't blown up over the internet. Ive bought 2. look forward to testing it out

  12. This is incredible. Does the link cable adapter work with GBA games, or only GB games using a GBA link cable? Provided someone wrote the proper code for it, it would be cool to see it work with the GBA Pokemon games.

    Also, another interesting possibility is writing an AI to play GB Tetris against you. There are so many possibilities when a custom server is involved.

  13. This amount of work and love to engeneering, is just amazing. Keep it on!

  14. How did you do the reverse engineering? i want to see if its possible with pokemon games but idk how to even start dissecting it.

  15. It also be nice if you make it so everyone can join even if they don't have a game boy 🙂

  16. People are doing THIS and standard emulators STILL can't get standard link cable functionality down.

    At least on a pi, you could bind the link cable pins to GPIO for a standalone or even DIY adapter

  17. Imagine being the dev of the original game boy tetris game and seeing people play it online lol

  18. where you got the USB for this ? i wanna play tetris on multiplayer on my gb

  19. I wonder how hard it would be to get it working on emulators… DS/DSi/3DS too.

  20. Wow this is amazing, I literally just searched gameboy link and never in my 1993 kid mind could've imagined something like this!!

  21. I have an exam tomorrow and I am watching Tetris online

  22. Wow that is insane. It's crazy what people dream up.

  23. Bist du Albaner? 🤔

    Was soll das eigentlich mit dem Englischen ? 🤔

  24. @4:35 you mention that this adapter can even work on android phones. Now I want to ask does that mean it will work with a game boy emulator on android?

  25. Can this be upgraded with PC/Android emulators support too?

  26. but wait….this will mean…you could actually make a gamecube lan adapter, and make the same game server things to play melee online? or mario kart double dash with 2 different persons from different countries on one kart, something that never was possible and still not today in the newer versions?


  27. Is the junk sent to all other players in the game or to just one of them? In Tetris 99, you can choose who to target with junk and if there was a way to implement that, it would make large scale games much more playable

  28. Man, I wonder if it's possible to play faceball with this, could you imagine 16 player FFA on the gameboy

  29. Tool-Time - Basteln mit Holz und Strom says:

    Didn't found any answer about this: Is it also possible to connect gameboy emulator to real gameboy … and also didn't found solutions for connectiong 2 emulators over network. Best wishes

  30. If you ever THINK about doing the same thing but on Pokemon games, remember to put safety protocols! The game has some vulnerabilities that allow the attacker to brick the victim's save

  31. Red einfach Deutsch alter, dieser akzent ist sooooooo schlimm.

  32. As the biggest GB Tetris fan in the known universe, I love this

  33. Woran erkennt man einen deutschen der englische Videos macht?
    Unten rechts steht einfach Werbung

  34. This only has 150k views it should have over 150mil as it's a million dollar idea!

  35. make it so people without a usb to gb link adapter can play through pc

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