Ok so is it N64 games or Game Boy games??? - WULFF DEN Podcast Ep 49 - iplayphonegames.com

Ok so is it N64 games or Game Boy games??? – WULFF DEN Podcast Ep 49

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• Intro
• Nintendo just submitted an FCC filing for a mysterious new controller, most likely tied to Nintendo Switch Online
• It’s PROBABLY a Nintendo 64 controller (says everybody on the internet)
• WATA is at it again, with an insanely overpriced Sonic game
• Quantic Dream is making a Star Wars games
• Marvel Vs Capcom 2 might be getting a remaster
• Disney Classic Game Collection is getting an update (with new games)
• Razer makes GAMER THIMBLES!!!!!!
• Tweet of the Week
• Q&A

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  1. Really enjoying the Home and appliance segments podcast 👍 Always entertaining on my commute to work. Love ya bros

  2. sounds like it'll be n64 and sega genesis

  3. Even though it was outdated, I was listening to this as I built and set up an Ikea desk, lmao. It's huge, I love it.

  4. How about Marvel vs Star Wars? Disney owns both. Storm vs Palpatine? Vadar vs Magneto? Lightsabers vs adamantium? Yoda vs Toad? Beast vs Chewbacca? Boba Fett vs Iron Man? Jabba vs Fred Dukes? Han Solo vs Star-Lord? Lando vs T'Challa? Hidden characters George Lucas vs Stan Lee?

  5. Wulffden out of context : Hear me out Wood, let me eat it…

  6. I kinda forget how they handled it (probably via just directional input on the C-stick), but they have already done a Gamecube Ocarina and Majora's mask port, in addition to the more recent 3DS version. A classic controller would maybe be cool, but it is a problem that they have already solved in the past.

  7. I feel like it’s also about “speculating responsibly” as a content creator. People with massive amounts of follows often create the hype and speculation out of nothing and it snowballs out of control.

  8. Will was wrong Jedi fallen order was better than "pretty good"

  9. Bioware games like Knights of the Old Republic did not pave the way for Quantic Dream to exist. Quantic Dream's first game was Omikron: The Nomad Soul, which was released several years before KOTOR and had an open world city setting that even pre-dated Grand Theft Auto III. FMV games, like Burn Cycle, were commonplace in the early 90s and they function very similarly to QD's more recent games. In an FMV game you watch videos and do barely interactive point and click segments, in QD games you watch cutscenes and do barely interactive quick time events. So I would say FMV games paved the way for Quantic Dream, and Quantic dream paradoxically paved the way for Rockstar.

  10. "I can't post a video the day they make an announcement because then my video will be useless"

  11. If they're making an N64 controller for Switch i bet they'll make the rumblepak area so that you slot a Joycon in there (sorta like with ringfit) for connecting to switch and rumble and all that.

  12. I maintain the state of mind that if there is one game I get really excited for per direct I’m happy. I’ve learned from the perpetual overhype train that is the internet on Nintendo directs

  13. Nothing against Nate but in all my time of watching the spawn cast nothing he has ever predicted actually happens, most famous example the supposed Metroid Prime Trilogy from a few years ago that was “already complete they just need to release it”

  14. We need a super cut of all of Bob’s mummuring as the podcast starts up😂

  15. Will we get a spooky game stream by any chance? 👀 no pressure at all, love you guys, keep doing you

  16. My favorite podcast the two bros who beat the WWE!

  17. Spectre is leagues ahead of quantum of solace

  18. Just to throw this out here for your future reference FTC handles patents, fcc handles wireless communication and wireless controllers is a form of communication.
    The patent has to be submitted to the FCC to gain approval. Which involves that the antenna will both accept and reject interference, avoid x band of the spectrum wave that x companies hold the right to use for only this purpose. And doesn't screw up CB radios or other forms of radio waves.

  19. Screw you wwe. Wouldn't be suprised if they did it because they didn't like what you said about the game "oh that's criticism about one of our products, take it down. Don't care get it out of my face, it's damaging our brand and that hurts my money!" If money was personified as a person, Vince McMahon would constantly simp for her.

  20. Great work on the Pro Controller mod, Bob. It made me curious if that mod could work on 8-bitdo SN30 Pro 2 controller. I love those controllers but the ABXY buttons are mushy for me. D-pad is a bit clicky enough for me though.

  21. Bob eats the new Oreo cookie idea.

    Set up like pawn stars, Wood is the seller, Will is the buyer. This bit goes on for bit before the "I'm gonna need an expert".
    The expert is bob, he walks up and says "Hey guys, oo a cookie" eats it, then ask while mouth is full, "So what do you need me to appraise.

    THEN…. Another cameo of your chosing comes up with the worst looking POS garbage looking version of a popular old game.

    Bob, "oh my, this is a masterpiece, I'll give you a million dollars for it, bc I work for heritage" (at bottom of screen put " *not affiliated with heritage)

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  23. The whole shake a window and it minimizes everything is called aero shake. You can disable it.

  24. Beyond two souls was great. It was definitely heavily story based, but it was like an interactive movie. Very enjoyable and pretty good story.

  25. Bob's theory on it being a Gameboy controller is actually a good idea because there was a super Gameboy controller in Japan made by Hori

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