NSB Plays Scary Games in HAUNTED MANSION!! (Five Nights at Freddy's) - iplayphonegames.com

NSB Plays Scary Games in HAUNTED MANSION!! (Five Nights at Freddy’s)

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NSB Plays Scary Games in HAUNTED MANSION!! (Five Nights at Freddy’s)



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  1. How come you can keep up on your YouTube but not your discord?????

  2. The way all of you hugged each other when y'all got scared lol

  3. Darren was so scared Omg the way he holding onto everyone I love this friendship <333

  4. I knew it was coming but I still got scared😂


  6. Justin: "Yo was is Darren actually scared?"
    Darren: Just looks back annoyed
    Me: I am too
    I love how they kept making fun of Darren, I would make fun of my friends but like I would be scared myself too lol

  7. That was the sweet thing I ever NSBS❤️💕

  8. *•TwiceRedvelvetBlackpink ItzyStraykidsBtsExo*• says:


  9. "its your boy Sebastian moy and I'm back" I CRYED BC THAT BRINGS BACK SO MUCH MEMORIES IM CRYING RN

  10. F*cking finally! We're getting the song!!! 🎉

  11. The thing that they didn’t do is check the Music box because you have to check it so they don’t come

  12. You guys are so funny and I know I comment this a lot but the best day of my life would be to spend it with you guys. Thank you for working hard and making content for stars. Love you

  13. Honestly as a Leo, I confirm whatever Ryan said :S

  14. Is it me or all the member came out of nowhere 🤔. When they were interviewing

  15. hahaha his reaction is the best, although guys it was only the first night hahaha. thanks for making me laugh <3

  16. Oh my days if ya think it's haunted, GET A PREACH

  17. I love northstarboys videos bc they are so funny when i look at their videos i always smile☺️

  18. why would u just jump in the pool with SOCKS

  19. I love all the scary content 😂😂 I’m waiting for a scary videos/tiktok reaction now!

  20. im so scared of that game omg, but its so funny watching you how do you play😂

  21. i like the that all of you guys go and pass to a another one thats my i like that part

  22. First off OLIVER your socks i would of been fine with your t-shirt on but your sock anyway i love yous so much😁

  23. Love you guys, thanks for another amazing video

  24. The way Sebastian hurry and got off the floor and Darren was so quiet🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Can u please play that five nights of freddy again?

  26. I lowkey wanted to protect Darren at the end poor baby 🥺

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