Not A Gameboy - It’s ALL-GAMES, Boy! - GameShell Review -

Not A Gameboy – It’s ALL-GAMES, Boy! – GameShell Review

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Review – GameShell from ClockWork Pi – Portable Handheld DIY Games console and Emulator

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  1. Looks like better quality and prolly works better than my PiGRRL2

  2. Great lil system. They don;t want to get sued by Nintendo. Nice Quality and attention to detail on the design. Hope they work out those UI issues.

  3. I’ve already got a GPD XD but something about the form factor of this makes it really tempting to plunge into.

  4. i love those things , butt and its a big BUTT. The screens and specialy the 16:9 ratio ticks me off.

  5. No matter how simple it is to assemble there's always a bunch of people who'll get their dicks stuck in an elevator instead.

  6. Very nice! Unfortunately the screen is too small for me..😑

  7. Proper Blunty style review, enjoyed it. Thanks!

  8. The interesting part here is that having to assemble it could open up an easy path to upgrades

  9. this looks impressive I might have to have a closer look

  10. Quick FYI @Blunty, you can change the buttons round to mimic Nintendo instead of the Xbox layout. There is an option to change the buttons in the menu, I just checked the forums. Thanks for your video… I just went ahead and ordered one to the UK =D. Been waiting for something like this for a long time!

  11. Sometimes i easily forget Blunty is legit hardware reviewer and video like this clearly shows how experienced, insightful and thorough he can be when it comes to product review

  12. This seems like the best available option. Is there anything better you'd recommend?

  13. One more sleep and mine will be here! Super excited feel like a kid on christmas eve even though i have a ton of these handhelds i cant get enough. Wife may leave me there always so damn expensive. Lol

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