No Games - Alex The Play boy ( Episode 1 ) -

No Games – Alex The Play boy ( Episode 1 )

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  1. All I'm saying is if fool was a person it would be Monica and if wicked and manipulation was a person it would be Alex
    But dis gwan wid it self doh no lies

  2. Me bun bun rice Nzinga I mean Monica you get beat up, but you facey a dash water pan the woman….. Bet some of y'all never get the story line but it is the sad truth of today's world….. Be safe out there, can't wait for part 2.

  3. The show bad enuh till mi all forget say mi a cook

  4. What a wicked it..if this was 90 min it would murder…Tks..

  5. Nuh like seh my friend get beat up enuh……but it bad thou mi looooiiiiike it 👌🏾

  6. I miss you guys so much I'm so excited to watch this movie 👀👀👀👀♥️❤️❤️

  7. No, this bad man. I enjoy it so much. Weh part 2 deh. You back on track king

  8. Am on the road and a watch this and me EXCITED already fi watch it off lol

  9. Bro why you guys take so long with the movies been waiting for a 6 months or more bro lol no cap

  10. Great content 💯…looking forward to part 2

  11. Really looking forward to part 2💥💥

  12. Listen! I have too many comments! Run me part two please. Cause both girls fully yam! Alex want beat up!

  13. Yes we know y'all can give us kids 🤣🤣🤣🤣 this dude

  14. I loved the movie emoji keep up the good work.

  15. 😯 Can You say …Wow😯…
    another Hit Emoji…👏 Bravo🙌

  16. Lincoln a Casanova! 😃😃😃😃 Me nervous and I'm not Monica🤦🏾‍♀️ 😄😄😄

  17. Great content prime💥 looking forward to part 2💯

  18. Everything looks so real: The fights, the sex, and the drama my type of shows to watch 🤘

  19. Great show fam can’t wait to see the others , you need a stabilizer tho fam

  20. Good direction, bro! You're proof that Jamaicans are not only good for music and running, but we can also direct movies and have a strong film industry!

  21. This is a very interesting series can't wait for the rest to be released, absolutely love it 🔥🔥💥💯

  22. Great story telling and I like the little messages hidden around the episode it's a nice detail

  23. I don't like the ending none at all. Some of the movie never made sense. But great acting

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