Nintendo World Cup Game Boy - Final Match -

Nintendo World Cup Game Boy – Final Match

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Cameroon -Worst Team, according to the game anyway(Daniel “DTysonator” T.)


Germany -Best Team, according to the game anyway (CPU)

Played by Daniel “DTysonator” Teixeira on an official Super Nintendo console, while using a Super Game Boy, a regular SNES controller and absolutely no cheating.


  1. dich feiere ich du hast es mit der schlechtern Mannschaft geschafft Respekt

  2. Ah, I had a good childhood

  3. lol you made the screen green looking like the fat gameboy is lolz

  4. An another awesome Technos game. Too bad they are not with us anymore. 🙁

  5. That one athlete on Cameroon looks like he's on LSD. Perhaps LSD is the secret to kicking the ball so hard. I really like the music in this. However, it can sometimes be confusing.

  6. @CleetusSilversurfer they are. but they're called million now. they still release games for nintendo systems. river city soccer hooligans came out last year on nintendo ds!

  7. i remember easily putting away like 17 goals per match.. the ai was so dumbass.. plus i always chose germany..

  8. One of my first videogames ever! Thanks for the memories A&C! ^^

  9. my first game ever!! my god i used to dominate in this game played it every day the music alone brings all the memories back my dad bought it for me back in 1992 i was 7 years old thanks for refreshing my memory crazy how time flew by

  10. Hello yeah man I used to stomp those krauts out in the last game with team USA!!!

  11. Why is Cameroon supposed to be the worst team?
    I know it is the first team you compete with, but do they have worse stats than the other teams?

  12. Bring back so many memories, I couldn’t remember the name of the game thanks for posting

  13. The easiest way to play this game and crush the CPU: play as Argentina(They are the fastest team in the game), and shoot diagonally down from upper corner of the opponent Goal. Nearly every single time, the CPU will either ignore the shot or leap away in the opposite direction, not even trying to block. Using this method, I have gotten end game scores of 40 – 0.

  14. maravillo, mi infancia, como es posible que recuerde este juego

  15. KO'ing other players was my favorite thing in this game when i used to play it as kid lmao

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