Nintendo Switch Online - Game Boy & Game Boy Advance Announcement - Nintendo Direct 2.8.23 -

Nintendo Switch Online – Game Boy & Game Boy Advance Announcement – Nintendo Direct 2.8.23

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Game Boy games are coming to Nintendo Switch Online and Game Boy Advance games are being added for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members! Look forward to:

• Tetris
• Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins
• Mario Kart: Super Circuit
• The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
• And many more

Available today:

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  1. People who heard the Nintendo Switch sound

  2. If you released a new gameboy and allowed people to create their own games as well as buy old games- it would sell better than switch

  3. 0:58Need someone to play judge with. If anyone would not mind, my friend code is SW-5335-8616-1701. If anyone has 20 stars in G&W Gallery 3, please befriend me and invite me to a Judge Battle. I expect no holding back.

  4. What about GameCube ? 🥺🥺 I wanna play Luigi mansion for GameCube

  5. Still waiting on Golden Sun and F-Zero! Maybe they'll show up in the inevitable February 2024 direct.

  6. Surprised that they still don’t have sml1

  7. now we just gotta wait until wario land 4 comes out on switch so we can make PIZZA TOWER ON THE SWITCH

  8. Still waiting for Golden Sun newrly a year later 🙄

  9. Still waiting for golden sun and hoping that they add the Dragon Ball Z legacy of goku series

  10. Does anybody know when they’ll be adding golden sun?

  11. This will be the closest we will ever be to Mario and Luigi on switch.

  12. Hope in some point we get Game Boy Wars or Game Boy Wars TURBO 💚🤞🏽


  14. Anyone ever tried 2-Player Online Judge in Game & Watch Gallery 3? If so, did it work? Please let me know ASAP.

  15. I wish gba on switch releasing f1 2002 and colin mcrae rally 2.0

  16. 1:20
    Oh my lord I still really want a new Wario land because this game and 4 made my childhood. It is just FANTASTIC.

  17. I want my money back.

    The GBA emulator was the thing that finally hooked me into buying the expansion pack, I never really got too play and GBA games and I thought: "hey, my payment for my Nintendo membership is coming up, might as well get the expansion pack with it if they finally put GBA games on it, I'll also get some Nintendo 64 games and some other stuff out of it too."

    It's almost been a year and the have only added 6 games too the GBA emulator, 3 of them were games we could already play (the mario advanced series), like im giving you money so I can legally play your games, but no, your Nintendo, cant have more than 6 games on launch, that would be wayyy too much for our fans.

    And you may be saying: "you should be more grateful, Nintendo is actually giving us what we wanted," my guy, we could easily get what we wanted through emulation or heck, the real thing if u wanted too, but no, we just have too wait for Nintendo to just toss us a bone as they twiddle their thumbs making remakes of games that already exist.

    Oh yea, the N64 emulator just flat out sucks, but everyone knew that, and most of the other things that are included I can just buy individually instead of paying $60 a year on them.

    I wasn't expecting the whole GBA library, but oh my god I wasn't expecting this amount of laziness either, almost a full year, 6 games, (technically 3).

    Nintendo is only good at making games, not marketing, not appealing too their audience, not making consoles that can't even run pong, just their games.

    I hate this company, im going back too the $20 subscription, screw you and your crappy emulation skills.

  18. Where is Pokémon red blue yellow gold silver and Crystal?!?

  19. I want to see Wario land super Mario land 3 I mean the game is so cool

  20. They're trying to make people buy the game again? When they could just play the game on the original device. Well for those that still have them.

  21. You kinda need to include Golden Sun: The lost age if you're released Golden Sun 1. They were made as one game but released separately because the GBA cartridge wasn't big enough. Can't get a complete story just playing 1.

  22. Really hope Sword of Mana comes on here!

  23. I wonder if pokemon ruby and saphire or emerald or firered and leafgreen will be added

  24. Oh, I was hoping that Nintendo would release a new version of the Gameboy Advance for the millons of us who could never have one ourselves. What a disappointment 😔

  25. We still dont have the first super mario land

  26. OK but why are they porting maximum velocity.

  27. Will sonic advance trilogy on be on the switch then?

  28. For many of us is almost time to resub to the expansion pack… But this year I may not do it.
    I have most of those games on wiiu and 3ds, and some on xbox or switch. The rate for new games is really slow and for the dlc I just purchased the mario kart booster and the one from animal crossing… The octo expansion I got that on launch day.

    The expansion pack could be a lot more like include pokemon home, more games (where is dk64?), special discounts or maybe a bit more of gold coins on digital purchases but, now after 2 years using the expansion pack it just feels like a bad deal to me.

    Probably i will have to replay golden sun on wii u this year since the game is still not on switch. I will always be grateful to Iwata since he gave the first golden sun on clubnintendo and 8 usd for the second was a nice price. I miss the virtual console.

  29. I’m just happy Nintendo acknowledged Mario and Luigi in 2023.. and like.. Mario rpg.. ttyd.. a partners in time remake AT LEAST HAS TO BE COMING NEXT. That or a new game but AGHHH I NEED NEW MARIO AND LUIGI NOW

  30. Now where is f-zero and golden sun @nintendo?

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