Nintendo Game Boy Pocket 1st Generation (1996) Unboxing -

Nintendo Game Boy Pocket 1st Generation (1996) Unboxing

Timothy Choi
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This is an unboxing of the 1st Generation Game Boy Pocket that I bought off eBay. This Game Boy Pocket does not have the LED battery meter like all the other Game Boys have and Nintendo quickly made the 2nd generation with the battery meter soon after the release of this one due to customer complaints.

The Game Boy Pocket differs from the original Game Boy because:

1. It uses 2 AAA batteries instead of 4 AAs.

2. It has a larger screen at around 2.5″.

3. It’s much smaller.

4. The screen is actually black and white, not black and green.

5. This model does not have a LED battery meter.


  1. Is there a way to see how long the batteries last on this model?

  2. Is there a price/rarity difference between the first and second gen?

  3. :l no offence, but chinese chicken scratch anoys me <:L

  4. @TimChoi89 yes :l im only trololol'ing cuz i cant read it :3

  5. actually, it doesn't have larger screen than the original game boy
    the two screens have the exact same diameter

  6. I just bought a first edition game boy pocket today because I was at the exchange, and they had red version there, so I got it, but I left my game boy color in my locker. So rather than waiting all weekend to play the game, I just bought a game boy pocket for 10 dollars.

  7. That is one nice Gameboy Pocket 🙂 I had one of these in my collection but I tried it out about a year ago, but I forgot to take out the batteries after I used it, within a few months they had leaked all inside the battery compartment. It's a shame really that I only noticed when the battery acid started leaking round the sides of the battery door.

  8. Me too but im getting it for my self cause its really cheap

  9. That is the coolest box I've ever seen! Nintendo did that design before e apple? I wouldn't have guessed. You made me 40 bucks poorer!

  10. I went in to this Retro game place and seen the gambit pocket I asked the sales man how much for one he said 25.00$ bought the orange one

  11. I prefer the 2nd generation Game Boy Pocket because of the LED battery meter.
    I don't know why Nintendo designed a handheld without a LED battery meter?

  12. whats fake? this gameboy? if thats what your on about then you know jack about gaming hardware.

  13. my older bro gave me his for free along with pokemon blue and super mario land

  14. I found my gb pocket yesterday screen needs a bit of a clean but it still works perfectly

  15. Hey checkout my gameboy pocket review and please like and subscribe you don't have to but I would appreciate it:D

  16. I have a blue one, probably a later version. Do they use a charger or just batteries?

  17. Where can I buy one for cheap I love how the first gen. Looks

  18. How much did u pay for one in that condition

  19. Idea: If you buy a Game boy original, buy a gray 2nd Gen Game boy pocket.

  20. I have one er well it's my brother's but he's had it since it came out, And now it's mine >:D Nice condition too , and bright red. :3

  21. its gorgeous, i really mean gorgeous. you wouldnt think it was designed in 1996, it could be something made by apple 10 years later

  22. I just bought one of those new in a sealed box, 1st gen also. I payed $80 total for it, don't know if I should open it or leave it sealed, but I want to enjoy it! Lol, 😉

  23. I bought one off ebay, its arriving on May 20th-26th 2015 , and today is May 17th 2015, I wonder how good it will be, I wish I had yours. It looks MLG

  24. yeah the screen wasn't bigger, it was just sharper, thats what it said on the Game Boy Pocket commercial :/

  25. mine has a service number on the battery door with mario on it

  26. I'll swap Gameboy advance for Gameboy pocket. Mines purple blue colour

  27. Gameboy Pocket was the only one to take AAA not AA.

  28. I will never forget this. I saw the ad for the Gameboy Pocket ONCE (and only once funnily enough) and sure enough at either the next Christmas or my Birthday, I got this model in the plastic case. I still have the system, and it still works though the battery cover is long gone. My first personal gameboy that I didn't have to share, and man was the black/white screen better than the black/green.

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