Nintendo GAME BOY / GBC BUYING GUIDE + Great Games! -

Nintendo GAME BOY / GBC BUYING GUIDE + Great Games!

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Metal Jesus Rocks & John Riggs bring you a Nintendo Game Boy & Game Boy Color (GBC) BUYING GUIDE for new collectors! We talk about the hardware, colors, variants, accessories and then give you some Day 1 Purchase game recommendations in every genre. This is a fun guide that every new Game Boy owner should watch!

Games Shown:
Pokemon Yellow
MegaMan II
Gargoyle’s Quest
Donkey Kong
Mole Mania
Faceball 2000
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Final Fantasy Adventure
Final Fantasy Legend II

John Riggs:

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  1. PlayStation Gaming Quarterly (PlayStationMan) says:

    one GAME BOY COLOR game I would recommend is Grand Theft Auto(1999)

  2. Gonna be real, that intro made me think that my resolution had dropped to 144p, for some reason.

  3. I decided today that I want to start collecting games for the Game Boy color. I think it's an amazing system with unique looking cartridges and definetly has affordable games. Thank you for making all these video's over the years. I finally decided on what I want to collect starting today

  4. The game boy sowing machine was mentioned in the 30th anniversary super Mario encyclopedia.

  5. I was so sad they didn’t mention the main accessory I used growing up and that is the light that connected to the link cable spot. It was a spiral cord light that let you adjust it how you needed it. Spent many nights playing the game boy all night under my covers so my parents thought I was asleep.

  6. With the way the mod scene is though gameboy screens can easily be swapped for backlit ones now

  7. Oceania & Southeast Asia
    Bocil tahun 1993-2004
    SNES PAL VERSION(Australia)(1992-1998)
    Game Boy Pocket(Australia)(1996-1998)
    PlayStation PAL VERSION(Australia)(1995-2004)

  8. I’d add dr Mario, Metroid, Ducktales and Castlevania, but great list overall!

  9. Shit! i found a handyboy with a gameboy in the trash and just threw it out! (not the gameboy)

  10. Nintendo released a GB/GBC/GBA-Multiadapter for the Game Cube, which is in my opinion the best way of playing those games nowadays. Strange that no one mentions this.

  11. PlayStation Gaming Quarterly (PlayStationMan) says:

    Can you do a G.T.A. GameBoy COLOR video?

  12. Did I hear right? He said "the gameboy color was the same as the original gameboy like the 3ds is the same as the ds, they both were 8 bit systems" um I'm pretty sure the 3ds was way more powerful then the ds, I believe the ds compared more to the n64 and the 3ds compared more to the gamecube. Am I right? Or am I right?

  13. In 3 days I got Gameboy green colour 2 games and 1 flash card and a Gameboy pocket and one case for £21 😁 lol

  14. I bought a modded Gameboy color for $146 during covid. How times and prices have changed.

  15. From the original Gameboy all the way through the advance you will have some of the best game titles to play in the history of video games!

  16. They also forget to mention the Game Boy Light, a Japanese-exclusive Game Boy model in 1999 which adds an electroluminescent backlight on the screen.

  17. Thinking of buying one from my local secondhand game store, it's a plum coloured one. I've always wanted one to play some classic GB games and I love the aesthetic. It's also only £35

  18. You forgot you can play gb and gbc games on gb player with gamecube

  19. The backlight mods song with the new ips and tft mods really make this console worth it.

  20. Just got the original today, and now I can watch this video less jealous of them for having the og Gameboy.

  21. Donkey Kong for the gameboy is the definitive version of the game. It has 97 stages instead of 4 with many new stuff.
    Really nice game

  22. I've no idea why or how, but I have that Mario game (no box or manual, just the cartridge): Super Mario Land 2, 6 Golden Coins. It's currently sitting in a draw waiting for me to get a Gameboy to play it on. Totally going to get a Gameboy! Probably the colour one. Great video guide! 😀

  23. Man, I had Gargoyles Quest on my Game Boy, and for whatever reason, I was really bad at it and never got very far.

  24. I have a gameboy pocket because in highschool I can whip it out easily when I have time to myself, but the d-pad is all wiggly since I dropped it so I might buy a color and give my old one to my boyfriend or brother. Unless theres a way to fix it

  25. Will games from elsewhere be in a different language tho?

  26. On original Game Boy I recommend Bionic Commando. It looks and plays brilliantly and it isn't a port of the NES game but a completely new game with tighter controls, new levels and a killer new soundtrack.

    For Game Boy Color I'd suggest Duke Nukem, a re-imagining/port of Duke Nukem II for PCs. While not as good as Bionic Commando, it's still a really cool side scroller with focus on shooting and platforming. The controls are precise and you can do lots of neat tricks like shooting while jumping on a ledge or from a ladder for example. The animations and cutscenes are excellent as well.

  27. I had the turquoise Gameboy color I played it to death the screen eventually broke and it only showed half the screen and I still played it good times

  28. I had all the game boy models accessories and games at one time. Game Boy advance sp is all you need now or the game boy color

  29. I watched your video for the Gameboy advance sp and I recently bought one! Thanks!

  30. Fun fact: There was a gameboy that a soldier brought with them that survived a bomb blast

  31. Yah! Thanks for the great one@! Link's Awakening is one of the best Zelda games for sure. Many like it better than the snes zelda.

  32. Metal Jesus vs John Riggs . For dad bod of the year

  33. the handy boy… not hard to come by….. NO PUN INTENDED

  34. I'm torn between getting a Pocket or a Color. I have an SP that can play any of those games. I just want to own an old style Gameboy. No interest in the original Gameboy.



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  37. GAMEBOY COLOR IS 32BIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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